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Calculation Of A Triangular Panel Antenna Of A Prismatic Design

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Sensors Of Signals Emitted By Biosystems

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Investigation Of Biological Activity Of Analgesics Within The Scope Of The Quasi-Anb-Matrices Method

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Some Problems Of Utilization Of Liquid Rocket Fuel Components

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Personal Computer And A Chemistry Lesson

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Detoxication Of Exogenic Hydroquinone In An Animal Organism

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Bioenergetic Aspects Of Cancer

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Cyclicity In Formation Evolution Of Structural Matter Levels On The Earth

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On Production And Consumption Of Fuel And Power Products In Georgia

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Hydropower Potential Of Georgia And Its Possibilities

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Comparative Analysis Of The Alternatives Of Town-Planning Development Of Tbilisi

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Conceptual Principles Of Town-Planning Develpoment Of Tbilisi, The Capital Of Georgia

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Magnetic Axis And The Self-Regulation Effect Of The Earth Magnetosphere

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Formal-Algebraic Model Of Synchronous Functioning Of Endocrine Glands In A Human Organism

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New Aspects Of Economic Cooperation Of The Black Sea Basin Countries

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On The Problem Of Town-Planning Reserves Of Tbilisi

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On A Historical Connection Between Development Of Mechanics And Transport

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