Electron Microscopic Study Of The First Stages Of Martensite Decomposition In Carbon Steel

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Scattering Of A Plane Electromagnetic Wave At A Hollow Metallic Finitely-Long Cylinder

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Analysis Of A Linear Antenna With A Plane Reflector

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Diffraction Of A Plane Electromagnetic Wave At A Spherical Shell

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Practical Way Of Calculating The Freely-Supported Rectangular Plate

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Comparative Analysis Of Noise Reduņers Based On Television (TV) Signal Averaging

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Comparative Efficiency Estimation Of Discrete Cosine And Walsh Transformations

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Analytical Design Model For Multimodal Investigations Of Nonlinear Oscillations Of Continual Systems

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Computerized Support Of Decision-Making In Water-Supply Systems

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Indistinct Model In Water-Supply System Process Control

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On Calculating The Parameters Of The Multylink Actuators System Of A Manipulating Robot

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On Prediction Of The Vehicle Fleet Development

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A Mathematical Model Of The Repeated Vibration Influence On The Strength Of Concrete Wares

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A Calculation Method For Designing The Heavy Concrete Optimal Composition

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Some Aspects Of The Semiempirical Theory Of An Ascending Three-Component Flow In Airlifts

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On True Gascontent At Ascending Slug Motion Of A Three-Component Mixture In A Vertical Pipe

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On The Possibility Of Improving The Stay Cableway

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On Determining the Chip Contact Length "By a Cutting Tool"

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Phosphorous Ion Implantation Into Zinc Sulphide

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Adsorbents on the base of modified forms of analcime

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Synthesis And Isomerism Of b -Thiosemicarbazones Of Dioxindoline [5,6- d] - And Dioxindoline [5,4- d] Benzo [b] Furans

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Investigation Of Some Ethers Formation From Oak Pulp Lignin While Oxidative Destruction By Air Oxigen

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Identification Of Some Aroma-Forming Compounds In Nuts Juglans Regia

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Some Mechanisms Of Fish Oil Catalytic Hydration Under Low Hydrogen Pressure

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Hydration Of The Fish Oil-Vegetable Oil Mixture

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Paleovolcanic Conditions Of Kavart Chalcopyrite Mineralization Forming

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On The Problem Of Georgian Economic Policy

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On The Problem Of The Trainer's Age

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On The Influence Of Oak Wood Thermal Treatment On The Lignin-Polysaccharide Fraction

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On The Problem Of Optimal Organization Of The Chemistry Students' Independent Work

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