Setting-up of the problem Of mathematical modeling of the process of inflation by the example of the data for Ukraine

Bidjuk P.I., Gogoladze N.G. and Sokhadze G.A.

Technical University KPI, Kiev, Ukraine

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia

A model of autoregression  for the process of inflation in  transitional economy is considered. The proposed model allows making predictions a few steps ahead. The model was constructed on the bases of the data for Ukraine.

Keywords: inflation, mathematical model, autoregression, prediction.



Formulae of extrapolation and filtrations of partially observed solutions of functional-Differential equations with random disturbance: part III

Sokhadze G.A.

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

Stochastic differential equations in the Hilbert space are considered. For the solution of such equations, there are given explicit formulae for computation of the prediction by partial observations.

Keywords: extrapolation, stochastic equations, Hilbert space, prediction.



on the equivalence of distribution of the solutions to hyperbolic equations with random disturbances

Sokhadze G.A.

 A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

Hyperbolic differential equations with random right-hand parts and nonlinerarities are considered. For distribution of the solutions to such equations, the conditions of smoothness in reference to a simpler measure were  determined, and the corresponding Randon-Nikodim density was computed.

Keywords: Randon-Nikodim density, nonlinearity, random disturbance, hyperbolic equations.


on the equivalence of distribution of the solutions to hyperbolic equations with random disturbances

Sokhadze G.A.

 A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

Hyperbolic differential equations with random right-hand parts and nonlinerarities are considered. For distribution of the solutions to such equations, the conditions of smoothness in reference to a simpler measure were  determined, and the corresponding Randon-Nikodim density was computed.

Keywords: Randon-Nikodim density, nonlinearity, random disturbance, hyperbolic equations.


a plausible model of the structure of matter and the origin of the universe

Garibashvili D.I.

Department of Informatics at the Presidium of the Georgian Academy of Sciences

There is proposed the hypothesis that elementary particles are bunches of waves originated by the same mechanism as solitons, vortices in liquids and gases, shock waves etc. By applying the Theory of Chaotic Inflation of the Universe to the description of the microcosm, there is made the assumption that at the densities of  potential energy exceeding the Planck density, stationary states could be elementary particles. A hypothesis about the physical process which has caused the Big Bang and about the origin of the Black Energy in space is proposed.

Keywords: structure of matter, elementary partricles, origin of  the Universe, the Big Bang, the Black Energy.



Kereselidze Z.А., Kirtskhalia V.G., Chkhitunidze M.S., Khantadze A.G., Zhonzhonladze N.I.  and Gabisonia I.A.

I. Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology

M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics

The topological similarity of the stagnation zone in front of Earth’s magnetosphere to the pointed magnetic surface with a singular point is discussed. On the stagnation zone surface, there is considered the interaction between the interplanetary magnetic field and the model toroidal field with the resulting formation of a screw-like magnetic structure. It is demonstrated that the lead of the screw of the total magnetic field depends on the opening of the approximating cone of the stagnation zone. Thus, the base area of the stagnation zone, where the magnetic lines of force practically coincide with the lines of force of the interplanetary magnetic field, is disturbed at most. There was recorded the spectrum of MHD waves frequency in the particular case when small disturbances propagated towards the interplanetary magnetic field. This spectrum is rather narrow, and it includes the cyclotronic frequency of protons near the magnetospheric boundary, which makes more probable the resonance enhancement effect of MHD waves in the stagnation zone base.

Keywords: interplanetary magnetic field, magnetosphere, stagnation zone, singular point of magnetic field.





Gimpilevich Yu.B., Shirokov I.B. and Jandieri G.V.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. In the article, there is presented the analysis of operation of the homodyne frequency converter, where the probing signal is formed from the initial signal by introduction of the monotonously changing phase shift into it by using the phase shifter. Such an approach leads to the phase shift of the initial signal with preservation of its initial phase. At multiplication of the initial signal and the signal shifted in frequency, the initial frequency and the initial phase of signals cancel each other, and, at the frequency converter output, there is formed the signal of difference frequency equal to the shift frequency and with the phase shift determined by the quadripole under study. The degree of agreement of the law of changing  of the phase shift introduced by the phase shifter with the linear one determines the spectral frequency of the probing signal. There is given the analysis of converter errors at inaccurate setting of the phase shift introduced by the phase shifter for the interval of the controlling signal and at deviation of the law of phase changing from the linear one.

keywords: frequency trans formation, homodyne frequency converter, metrological features.


MHD-FLOW of the conducting liquid in ducts with the account for finite conductivity of walls

Tsutskiridze V.N.

Georgian Technical University

The steady flow of conducting liquid in rectangular ducts with arbitrary conductivity of walls in the presence of transverse magnetic field was studied using the variational method of investigation. The obtained results are applied particularly for the determination of viscous and ohmic losses in the MHD-converter.

Keywords: flow, conducting liquid, duct, conditivity of walls, viscosity.






Tsutskiridze V.N.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract:  The inlet laminar flow  of viscous  fluid between two concentric spheres is discussed. It is assumed that the velocity of the fluid is uniform at the inlet cross-section.

Keywords: unsteady flow,  viscous  fluid,  concentric  spheres.  


Initiation of Scattering and Capture of Electrons by Deep Centers Excited by Localization of Longitudinal Acoustic Oscillations of Main Atoms at T=4.2K

Kutubidze B.V., Chikovani R.I., Mkheidze T.D., Goderdzishvili G.I. and Janelidze O.M.

Sh. Rustaveli Batumi State University

The results of investigation of the properties of undoped GaS crystals, produced by the method of impact ionization, at 4.2K are discussed.

There is propesed a model according to which the localization of energy of longitudinal acoustic oscillations of basic atoms of the lattice on the deep center causes the lowering of symmetry and origination of dispersed interrelation, which and results in capturing  and scattering of electrons at 4.2K, correspondingly.

Keywords: initiation of scattering, capture of electons, deep centers, basic atoms, acoustic oscillations. 


Does the report about the discovery of “perpetual motor of the universe” correlate with the absolute energoinformation principle of conservation in the universe?

Khvedelidze M.A.

Georgian Technical University

International Academy of Informatizaton

The recent sensational report about the discovery of “perpetual motor of the Universe” is discussed. It is noted that this report  justifies that the “ancient” energy of the Universe has not changed. This means that, the law of conservation of energy in the Universe correlates with the law of duality of energy and structural information. It is claimed that as the Universe grows, “the perpetual motor” becomes more powerful.

Keywords: the Universe, energoinformaiton principle of conservation, perpetual motion. 






Loladze N.T., Tserodze M.P. and Berdzenishvili I.D.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. The kinetics of the interaction  of graphites МГ-ОСЧ and МПГ-6 with the Ni-Mn melt was investigated at high pressures (P = 4O kBar) in the temperature range of 1430—1530 K. The  obvious correlation between the kinetics of  dissolution of these graphites in the Ni-Mn melts and the diamond crystallization in the Ni-Mn-Cgraph. system, was established.  

Keywords: metal-graphite system, dissolution kinetics, diamond synthesis, diamond formation, number of crystallization centers.


Identification of the relations among some constituents of atmospheric pollution

Kachiashvili K.I., Tsintsadze G.V. and Kutsiava N.A.

Georgian Technical University

It is essential to know the relations among the parameters of the environment, as it allows determining the value of one of them by the given value of other, controlling the measurement accuracy of these parameters etc. In this work, the relation  between the concentration of ammonia in the environment and the average monthly concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and carbon oxide is restored by the methods of regression analysis. The experimental results have justified the validity of the restored relations.

Keywords: environment, regression analysis, experimental data, prediction.




Dependence of the atmospheric pollution on the frequency of failures of ammonia production facilities

Kachiashvili K.I., Tsintsadze G.V. and Kutsiava N.A.

Georgian Technical University

The effect of the frequency of failures of ammonia production on the indices of atmospheric pollution is discussed. The dependences of average monthly concentrations of ammonia, nitrogen dioxide and carbon oxide on the monthly frequency of failures of the plant for production of nonconcentrated nitric acid were determined.

Keywords: atmospheric pollution, frequency of failures, ammonia production, regression model.


Laser analysis of molecular biomarkers for medical diagnosis

Davarashvili I.O., Agaev F.F. and Aliev A.V.

Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

Institute of Pulmonary Diseases, Baku, Azerbaijan

Some physiological processes are analyzed. The possibility of diagnosis of some diseases by CO molecule content in the expiratory air using tunable semiconductor lasers is discussed. It is demonstrated that under physical load, at bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchial asthma and liver affections, the excretion of CO differs significantly from the norm.

Keywords: medicine, diagnosis, biomarkers, pulmonary diseases, tunable semiconductor laser.




Supatashvili G.D., Supatashvili D.G., Zakariadze N.G., Butkhuzi T.G. and  Khachidze R.M.


Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Georgian State Military Scientific-Technical Centre “DELTA”



Abstract. The results of ecochemical analysis of the territories, of former Soviet Military Bases used to be located in Georgia and temporary ranges for utilization of military waste and expos, on of outdated and unfit warheads and shells are presented. Primary attention is given to the content of heavy metals and trinitrotoluene (TNT) in soils. It is shown that their content in the abovementioned soils exceeded the maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) several times, and the content of nitrates and phosphates made up several hundred mg/kg.

Keywords; environmental pollution, soils, heavy metals, trinitrotoluene, military waste, utilization.


STUDY on the content of rocket propellant components ON the TERRITORies  OF FORMER MILITARY BASES IN GEORGIA


Supatashvili G.D., Zakariadze N.G., Davitaia T. N., Supatashvili D.G. and  Butkhuzi T.G.,

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Georgian State Military Scientific-Technical Centre “DELTA”



Abstract. The content of oxidizing components of liquid rocket propellant was studied in surface water and soil samples collected on the territories of former military bases in Georgia. Severe spot-type contamination was revealed.

Keywords: environmental pollution, melange, amines, phosphates, contaminated zone.


Investigation of the gallstone by Electron Spin Resonance

Chikvaidze E.N. and Miminoshvili A.A.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Sukhumi Branch of Tbilisi State University

In this work the data on the investigation of gallstones by the electron spin resonance (ESR) method are presented. The spectral analysis of different stones confirms the existence of paramagnetic ions and their complexes. In particular the complexes of Mn2+ ions in large concentrations exist in brown pigment stones. The ESR spectra of Fe2+ - Cu2+ complexes with organic compounds were observed in black stones. The ESR spectrum of free radical obtained from oxidated Bilirubin (a narrow singlet with g=2.003) was observed in cholesterol stones(with content of cholesterol > 50%) as well as in all investigated stones. It is supposed that the centers of crystallization of gallstones are the products of radical polymerization of  bilirubin and their complexes with  metal ions.

Keywords: gallstone, bilirubin, free radicals, electron spin resonance, analysis.



Application of the synergetic effect to extraction-photometric determination of divalent metals in soil using pyridine azodyes

Grigalashvili K.I., Kakabadze E.G., Mamulia S.G. and Dadianidze T.G.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Bivalent metals Cu, Ni and Mn produce different ligand complexes and associates with 4-(2-pyrdylazo)-resorcinol (PAR), diphenyl guanidine (DPG) and ethanol, which can be used for extraction-photometric determination of the mentioned metals in macrosystems. As a macrosystem, natural unit-soil was selected. Extraction-photometric methods for simultaneous determination of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Mn (II) were developed and tested with the same soil sample and the same reagents. The suggested methods are characterized by high sensitivity, selectivity and rapidity. The minimum determination limit was -0.1 mg/ml and the optimal standard deviation was Sr=1.0-1.5.

Keywords: divalent metals, extraction-photometric determination, pyridine azodyes, synergetic effect.


Synthesis of New Heterocyclic 1,2-trans-Glycosides

Sidamonidze N.N., Ramishvili M.A., Gaprindashvili N.T., Bogveradze N.R. and Gakhokidze R.A.

Iv. Javakshivili Tbilisi State University

P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry

The reaction of condensation of  a-chloro-2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-D-glucopyranose and  a-chloro-2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-D-galactopyranose with heterocyclic compounds was studied.New derivatives of 1,2-trans-glycosides were synthesized. Their structure was determined by physico-chemical methods of analysis.

Keywords: 1,2-trans-glycosides, heterocyclic compounds, glycosides, condensation.


Synthesis and theoretical Investigation of  sulfur-containing O-glucosides

Sidamonidze N. N., Gaprindashvili N.T., Gverdtsiteli M.I., Vardiashvili R.O. and Isakadze M.O.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The reactions of hydrosulfurization of 1-O-allyl-2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-β-D-glucopyranose by ethyl-, propyl- and n-buthylmencaptan were carried out. The synthesized compounds were studied by physical-chemical methods, semi-empirical quantum-chemical AM1 method and quasi-ANB- matrices method.

Keywords: hydrosulfurization, O-glucosides, AM1 method, quasi-ANB- matrices method.


Algebraic-Chemical Investigation of Cycloalkanes within the Scope of Quasi-ANB-Matrices Method

Lobjanidze T.E. and Gverdtsiteli M.I.

Iv. Javakhishivli Tbilisi State University

The algebraic - chemical investigation of cycloalkanes was carried out within the scope of quasi-ANB-matrices method. The correlation equations were derived using a computer. The calculations showed that, according to Japphe’s criterion, the correlation was good.

Keywords: cycloalkanes, quasi-ANB-matrices, correlation equations.



Problems and methods of adsorption treatment of the surface of reservoirs, rivers, seas and oceans from oil and oil products

Gajiev-Shengelia M.K., Papava G.S. and Bregvadze I.Z.

P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry

The article deals with the problems and the methods of adsorption treatment of the surfaces of reservoirs, rivers, seas and oceans from oil and oil products. The capabilities of inorganic, natural organic, mineral organic and synthetic sorbents in respect to removal of oil and oil products from the surfaces of abovementioned water bodies are discussed. The topicality of this problem for the Georgian area of the Black Sea and the importance of investigations of new sorbents on the base of various polymers, natural inorganic sorbents and composites on their base, which are being performed at the Laboratories of High-Molecular Compounds and Oil-Chemical Processes of the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry, are justified.

Keywords: oil, oil products, surface waters, water treatment, survey.


A Device for purification of oil- and fat-containing grey waters for the use at automobile laundries and public catering establishments

Makharoblidze N.G.

Georgian Technical University

There is proposed a device (a filter) for the use at automobile laundries and public catering establishments for local purification of waste waters containing oil products and/or fats before their draining into the municipal sewage system.

Keywords: waste water, water treatment, oil products, fat, automobile laundry, public catering establishment.

Establishment of the Optimal Conditions for production of extracts frOm wild-growing raw materials

Guliashvili M.A., Bagashvili I.B. and Mujiri L.A.

Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-making

The foodstuffs prepared on the basis of natural materials are in great demand at the world market. In production of high-quality and ecologically pure products, the application of natural extracts from such natural a materials as wild berries occupies a prominent place. The optimal conditions of production of extracts from elderberries, raspberries, blackberries, red currants, bilberries, arrow-wood and ashberries were established. The extraction was performed with the help of alcohol extracted from tubers of topinambour. The moisture the mill quantity, the ethanol concentration, the time of extraction and the module in berries were determined. It was established that the extracts of wild-growing berries had wide spectrum of biologically active substances and high organoleptical properties. The extracts and their fractions can be successfully used in different fields of food industry.

Keywords: food industry, extracts, wild-growing berries, optimal conditions, wild-growing raw materils.





On the POSSIBILITY of Improvement of production of vermouth wines made by using the extracts frOm wild-growing RAW  materials

Guliashvili M.A. and Mujiri L.A.

Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-Making

Among the aromatized wines, the widest distribution has gained the vermouth. Besides the extracts from different parts of bitter and spice-aromatic plants, the composition of vermouth wines also form ethyl alcohol, saccharose, less-sugary color, liqueurs and etc. The goal of the present work was making of new brands of vermouth wines using the extracts of spice-aromatic plants, wild-growing raw materials, the ectracted aqueous-alcoholic mixture of artichoke-topinambour. As the raw materials, spice-aromatic plants and berries growing in Georgia were used. The optimal conditions of obtaining the extracts were developed. After the chemical-organoleptical analysis of the obtained extracts, it was established that they met all the requirements for vermouth wines. The optimal conditions of production of vermouth wines on the bases of abovementioned extracts were developed. The produced vermouth wines were tested for chemical composition and organoleptical indices. It was established that the vermouth wines produced on the bases of spice-aromatic plants and extracts of berries had a wide spectrum of biologically active substances and high organoleptical properties.

Keywords: wine, vermouth, extracts, wild-growing  raw materials, production.



Nonstationary Processes and the Dynamic friction coefficient

Purtskhvanidze G.N.

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

The dynamic friction coefficient is considered as the most universal parameter for estimating the losses in nonstationary flows. The results of the study on the intake manifold of Kamaz engine are presented.

Keywords: dynamic friction coefficient, nonstationary processes, intake manifold



Technology of voice communication via ip telephony

Adamia V.B. and Arabuli N.V.

Georgian Technical University

The technology of IP telephony is discussed. This technology allows using the Internet or other  IP network for international telephone and fax communication in real time. The Internet telephony is a particular case of IP telephony, when the Internet channels are used as telephone traffic lines. The communication quality could be assessed by the degree of distortion of voice, the frequency of voice packets and the delay time. The best-known subjective method of assessment of the communication quality is the common opinion. In this case, the quality of communication is assessed according to the average estimation of the opinions of a large group of people.

Keywords: communication, voice communication, IP telephony, the Internet, assessment.


Basic Stages of development of telecommunication systems on the base of GSM Technology

Murjikneli G.G., Vekua T.A. and Meshvildishvili T.G.

Georgian Technical University

The basic stages of development of novel telecommunication systems based on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology are discussed. Primary attention is given to the third-generation systems 3G. The principles of designing of such systems are considered.

Keywords: GSM technology, mobile communication, global system, third-generation systems.



Analysis   of basic aspects of introduction of  the universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS)

Murjikneli G.G., Vekua T.A., Kharatidze T.M. and Davitashvili N.A.

Georgian Technical University

The basic problems of introduction of the universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS) are discussed. The introduction stages are described. The peculiarities of introduction of the UMTS Terrestrie Radio Access (UTRA) are analyzed.

Keywords: mobile telecommunication  system,  UMTS, UTRA.


A Technique of identification of the phase-displacement group of three-phase transformer


Aburjania A.N., Begiashvili V.I. and Rezan Turan


Georgian Technical University

Macroenergy Holding Company, Ltd.

Sarda Corporation


Abstract. It is demonstrated that the arbitrary choice of arbitrarily positive direction of induced currents and voltages contradicts the energy conservation law and leads to equilibrium equations and standards making no sense from the physical standpoint. Of 12 recognized standard phase-displacement groups of three-phase transformer, only three have real physical bases. The rest are based on a wrong assumption about mutual biasing of primary and secondary currents. They does not rule out the occurrence of emergency situations and, thus, must be eliminated form use. A new method of identification of the phase-displacement of three-phase transformer is proposed. The method is based on well-known physical laws with consideration for the dual character of the inertia of mutual inductance and exhausts all possible versions of connection of transformer windings.

Keywords; three-phase transformer, phase-displacement group, mutual inductance, inertial law, emf.


A New Method of Measurement of Grounding Resistance


Aburjania A.N., Begiashvili V.I., Aburjania L.A., Rezan Turan,

Nachkebia Sh.Sh. and Museliani T.G.


Georgian Technical University

Macroenergy Holding Company, Ltd,

Sarda Corporation


Abstract. It is demonstrated that the existing method of grounding resistance measurement, measuring device M416 and the standard do not comply with modern achievements of electrodynamics and conductometry. They do not exclude emergencies and need to be removed from utilization. There have been made essential errors: as if soil resistance was equal to zero and its potential in 20 metres from the circuit depended only upon the grounding resistance; primary and secondary electric currents of matching transformer were equal and the measurement of the soil potential at the point, where electric current density is equal to zero, enabled us to assess the grounding circuit suitability. In summer drought and winter frost, when soil surface resistance is relatively higher, field measurements by existing measuring methods are entirely impossible, as the primary and secondary circuits are practically disconnected. Erroneous measurements do not exclude emergencies and disasters. There has been worked out a new method of grounding resistance measurement which implies conducting the direct electric current via auxiliary electrodes through the resistance to be measured; measuring of total resistance between the grounding circuit and the auxiliary electrode based on the Ohm law, under the conditions of three different but preliminarily known experiments; construction of the set of equations with three unknown quantities, and calculation of the grounding resistance by the method of exclusion.

Keywords: grounding resistance, grounding circuit, soil resistance, measurement method.


Comparative analysis of the results of descriptive modeling of the quality of potable water

Tsikhelashvili Z.I., Makharoblidze N.G. and Chkhartishvili I.A.

Georgian Technical University

The state of the art of the problem of assessment of water pollution is discussed. The results of critical analysis of the method of “water pollution index” are presented. There is proposed the methodology of application of psychophysical scales and appropriate criteria for assessment of potable water quality in terms of Harrington function scales. The procedure of construction of descriptive models is described. The descriptive models of potable water quality were constructed using the maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) of chemical components according to the data of various international organizations. The comparative assessment of the constructed models justified their applicability to generalized approximation of the degree of pollution in the whole volume of polluted water.

Keywords: potable water, water quality, water pollution, descriptive model, assessment.


On Binary Search Trees in Databases


Kobiashvili A.A. and  Kutateladze R.G.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. One of important kinds of indexing of data in databases - the B-tree is considered. The algorithm for searching for a particular value in the B-tree is described. The B-tree insertion/deletion algorithm is offered.

Keywords: database, B-tree, multilevel index, index set.


Decision - Making in Management


Magradze M.D. and Avlokhashvili E.N.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. The article deals with the issues of decision-making in management. A broad interpretation of the notion a “manager” is given. The primary role of manager’s decision is shown. The process of decision-making and the basic principles of decision-making in management are described.

Keywords: management, decision-making, choice.


Transformation coefficient of the single-phase transformer in electric Balancing Circuits of measuring transducers

Museliani T.G. and Rochikashvili E.G.

Georgian Technical University

On the basis of studies carried out earlier, there was derived a true expression of the transformation coefficient of the single-phase double-wound air-core transformer, which is used in electric balancing circuits. The obtained transformation coefficient differs in the phase from the one used currently.

Keywords: transformation coefficient, balancing circuit, sibgle-phase transformer, mutual induction.


The Installation for Gun-powder recycling

Ramishvili J.V., Sordia T.D., Charbadze D.M., Supatashvili D.G., Khachidze R.M. and   Pirtskhalava D.A.

Georgian State Military Research Center “Delta”

The block diagram and the description of the installation for recycling of powder from utilized shells, are presented. The tubular powder of 10-mm diameter, removed  form the shells is heated up to 700C and cut into sections of length 10-12mm. In such a form, the powder can be used for blasting at quarries, open cuts and so on.

Keywords: shell, powder, recycling, installation.


Investigation of the process of rolling at force feed of the powder  to rolls

Sharashenidze J.A. and Ramishvili V.N.

F. Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science

There was performed an experimental investigation of the effect of horizontal rolling rate on the thickness and the density of the porous strip at free and force feed of the powder to rolls. It was revealed that the rolling with force feed of the powder allowed increasing the thickness and the density of the strip at high rolling rate without increasing the diameter of rolls and, thus, intensifying the process of rolling.

Keywords: rolling, powder, rolls, force feed, rolling rate.



Kevkhishvili N.A. and Natsvlishvili T.Sh.

Georgian Technical University

The problem of contact heat exchange in the grained material is discussed. It is assumed that the grains have a spherical shape. The computation results have shown that the heat resistance of the sphere at first-kind boundary conditions differs significantly from the heat resistance of the sphere with second-kind boundary conditions at contact angles a<20. Thus, determining the thermal conductivity of the grained material, we cannot replace the contact heat resistance of the sphere either by the heat resistance of the semibounded body or by the heat resistance of the sphere with second-kind boundary conditions.

Keywords: contact heat exchange, grained material, sphere,  heat  resistance.



On the possibility of designing the parts from textile with consideration for forming properties of the material

Datuashvili M.V., Sergeeva N.I. and Dolidze N.A.

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

The state of the art of designing of multilayer reinforcing textile shells is discussed. A new method of designing of complex  parts made form textile is proposed. Based on the analysis of certain experimental results, the expediency of the use of forming properties of textile materials in designing of textile shells of complex shapes is justified.

Keywords:  shell, textile shell, forming properties, designing.




The investigation of the possibility of additional reinforcement of multilayer textile shells by the technique of sewing through

Datuashvili M.V., Dolidze N.A. and   Sergeeva N.I.

А. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

There are given the recommendations on the technique of sewing through of stationary multilayer textile shells for their additional reinforcement. The technique consists in sewing of reinforcing thread through the multilayer shell with  the help of a special hollow needle.

Keywords: shell, multilayer textile shell, sewing through, reinforcement.