FormulAe of eXtrapolations and filtration of Partially observed solutions of quasilinear equations with random disturbance: part II

Sokhadze G.A.

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

General differential equations with nonlinearity and random additive disturbance are discussed. In the case of existence of the solution to such an equation, it is demonstrated how to calculate the prediction formulae in the unobserved area by partial observations. The examples are offered.

Keywords: differential equation, random disturbance, density of measures, prediction.



Radon-NikodYm derivative for shredinger-type equations with random disturbance

Sokhadze G.A.

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

Many problems related to nonlinear Shredinger-type equations can be reduced to linear ones. In this case, the conversion is performed with the help of density of measures. Explicit formulae for such density are given.

Keywords: Radon-Nikodym derivative, Shredinger equation, random disturbance.



A notice about the application of the results on absolute continuity of measures to the computation of the logarithmic derivative

Gubeladze A.K. and Sokhadze G.A.

T. Shevchenko National University, Kiev, Ukraine

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

The possibility of application of Radon-Nikodym derivatives to the computation of the logarithmic derivative of “complex measure” is demonstrated.

Keywords: Radon-Nikodym derivative, logarithmic derivative, measure in linear spaces.




Theoretical computation of the spectra of complex ionized elements: The isoelectronic sequence of Zn-Like ions

Tsirekidze M.A. and Kokrashvili T.A.

Georgian Technical University

The theoretical computation of energy levels of the Zn-like isoelectronic sequence for nuclei charges z=44-50 is discussed. For computation, the relativistic theory of disturbances with the model potential was used.

Keywords: spectra, ionized elements, isoelectronic sequence, Zn-like ions, computation.




Kinetics of intercombinational electron transfer in triplet exciplexes with the hydrogen bond

Kokrashvili T.A., Chabukiani L.V. and Kokrasvhili G.T.

Georgian Technical University

There were obtained the velocity constants of intercombinational electron transfer in polar triplet exciplexes of quinones with primary and secondary aromatic amines. Their relations with the energy of triplet exciplexes with the hydrogen bond and the stability of this bond were revealed.

Keywords: triplet, triplet exciplex, kinetics, electron transfer, hydrogen bond.



Kinetics of proton transfer in polar triplet exciplexes

Kokrashvili T.A., Chabukiani L.V. and TsirekidzeM.A.

Georgian Technical University

At quenching of triplet states of acceptors, the values of velocity constants of proton transfer in triplet exciplexes are determined by the energy of the process to a great extent. The increase in acidity RH+  or basicity A-. is accompanied by the increase in kpt.

Keywords: triplet, polar triplet exciplex, kinetics, radical ions, proton transfer




Irradiation Intensity Impact on the Injection of deep acceptor centers in n-Si crystals

Pagava T.A., Kharashvili O.G., Maisuradze N.I., Khasia N.I. and Kharshiladze N.Sh.

Georgian Technical University

The effect of the free electron concentration (N) and the electron flux density (j) on the for­mation of radiation defects in n-type silicon samples is investigated. It is supposed that the op­ti­mum correlation exits between the quantity of primary radiation defect and the amount of free electrons charging them. This results in the maximum observed in the h(j) curve, the localization of which (along the j axis) depends on the free electron concentration.

Keywords: n-Si crystals, radiation intensity, production efficiency of radiation defects.




Computation of heat resistance of the sphere with contact areas at complex boundary conditions

Kevkhishvili N.A. and Natsvlishvili T.Sh.

Georgian Technical University

The results of analytical solution of the boundary problem for the sphere with complex boundary conditions are presented. With the help of the function of complex variable, the second-kind boundary conditions were substituted by the first-kind boundary conditions. Then, by integrating the Laplace equation in the spherical system of coordinates, the calculation relations for the temperature field and the heat resistance of the sphere with two isothermal contact areas were derived. The pattern of the temperature field of the sphere at contact angle α=200 and the values of heat resistance of the sphere at r0=0.5mm and r0=2.25mm are given.

Keywords: sphere, contact area, heat resistance, boundary conditions.



The dependence of acceptor concentration on the  speed of growth and the ultrasound field

Kutubidze B.V., Chikovani R.I., Mkheidze T.D., Goderdzishvili G.I. and Janelidze O.M.

Sh. Rustaveli Batumi State University

The model of dependence of  complex concentrations is presented. For instance, the- type acceptors in undoped layers   GaAs and InP depend on the speed of growth and the ultrasound field of the excited deep center of the base. The speed of growth is defined by the level of excitation of deep centers and the molecules of vapour -gas phase, which depends on the localization of longitudinal acoustic oscillations of the atomic lattice.

Keywords: concentration of acceptors, speed of growth, ultrasound field, dependence.




Determination of the ionization energy of deep scattering centers by the method of  low temperature impact  ionization

Kutubidze B.V., Chikovani R.I., Mkheidze T.D., Goderdzishvili G.I. and Janelidze O.M.

Sh. Rustaveli Batumi State University.

There is offered the method of  determination of the ionization energy of deep scattering centers by the method of impact  ionization at 77K.

Keywords: ionization energy, deep scattering centers, low temperature impact ionization.



cesium on the tungsten coating of niobium-zirconium alloy oxidized

at 550-13000C

Zykov B.M. and Nardaia Y.I.

I. Vekua Sukhumi Institute  of Physics and Technology

The results of the investigation of oxygen films and binary oxygen and cesium films on the gas-phase polycrystalline tungsten coating of NB-1%Zr alloy demonstrated that such a coating possesses rather the properties of W-Nb alloy than of pure W. All the specific features distinguishing this coating from the homogeneous one are. related with the diffusion of Nb onto the surface. With account for oxygen which is not removed till the temperature reaches 18000C, on smooth and the most perfect areas of the lower level, there exits at least three-level relief of the substrate of the film of intermetallic suboxide Nb2W2O. Such a film, which has a three-dimensional structure with maximum saturation of metal-oxygen chemical bonds, prevents both further segregation of Nb on the surface and further oxidation of Nb and also W which is not bound to Nb, i.e. it leads to formation of heat-resisting coating.

Keywords: tungsten coating, niobium-zirconium alloy, cesium, oxidation.




Warming-up of the cesium film on the TungstEN coating of niobium-ZiRconium alloy OXIDIZED AT 550-13000C

Zykov B.M. and Nardaia Y.I.

I. Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology

Despite the fact that the film of Nb2W2O itself is optimal for cesium, the presence of carbon and W2C, which cannot be removed, in the material of the specimen and CO and COCs they form with oxygen and oxygen and cesium, respectively, causes the formation of other nonoptimal compounds with cesium: NbCOCs – at the lower level of the relief and W2COCs – at the upper one. These compounds have almost the same heat resistance as the optimal film of sub-bronze NbW2OCs at the lower level. As a result, φmin with Cs becomes by 1.6 eV higher that that for pure monocrystalline W, Nb and Mo-Nb alloy. What this means is the thermion collector (TIC) from this material can operate maximum 50 percent of its capacity in spite of stability of basic properties of the films with Cs in wide temperature ranges of oxidation and warming-up. Hence it is necessary to take measures for decreasing the amount of carbon in the material which the TIC is made from in order to improve its efficiency.

Keywords: tungsten coating, niobium-zirconium alloy, cesium, oxidation, warming-up, thermion collector.





Miminoshvili E.B., Ediberidze D.A., Miminoshvili K.E. and Zazashvili S.R.

Georgian Technical University

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

There was studied the structure of 4-p-aminobenzene sulfonamide-2,6-di­me­tho­xy­pyri­dine (sulfadimethoxine) = С12Н14N4О4S; (а=7.961(2); b=9.322(2); c =10.425(2)Å, α=93.48(3)º; β=95.39(3)º; γ=114.09(3)º; T = 293K, P , Z=2; R(F)= 0.050). The compound is formed of sulfa­dimethoxine molecules. The geometric parameters of hydrogenic bonds were determined.

Keywords: molecular structure, sulfa­dimethoxine, X-ray structure analysis.




Zedginidze I.G. and Beraia N.O.

Georgian Technical University

For determination of factor levels in accordance with the design, various instruments, having this or that inaccuracy, are used. The effect of the most typical errors on some properties of second-order asymmetric composition designs for two, three and four variables were studied. In particular, there was studied the abovementioned effect on the designs which are the closest to the optimal ones from the standpoint of the minimum of maximum dispersion of parameter estimations and the minimum of dispersion variations of parameter estimations. The mechanism of simulation of various errors and their superimposement on the corresponding coordinates of the designs is described. By each of the criteria for different number of the factors under study, the corridors of errors were determined. It is demonstrated that as the error increases, the arithmetic average and the spread in values change. Based on the investigation results, it was inferred that it is possible to determine the optimum value of the “star” arm with less accuracy: not with three places after the point, as it usually takes place, but using only one or two places after the point. It is demonstrated that round off to the nearest tenth in the case of two factors under study makes the asymmetric composition designs be closer to the optimal ones from the standpoint of both criteria considered.

Keywords: experiment design, second-order asymmetric design, instrumentation error



Ion-Selective materials for determination of ion activity

Dolidze A.V., Dolidze V.A. and Makhashvili K.A.

Georgian Technical University

Ion-selective materials for determination of the activity of various ions are discussed.  There is given the classification of ion-selective materials including electrode glass (alkali silica, chalcogenide and electron-conducting glass), organic exchangers and neutral  complexones, crystals (mono- and polycrystals), metals, metallic oxides, inert materials (graphite. glassy carbon etc.), and also semiconductor devices on the base of carbon, iron and other nitrides.

Keywords: ion activity, electrode materials, classification.




Khvedelidze M.A.

International Informatization Academy

Georgian Engineering Academy

The author of this work presents a brief analysis of the book  Brief History of Time from the Big Bang to Black Holes by phenomenal English physicist-theorist Stephen W.Hawking (Russian translation, Moscow,Mir,1990). The goal of the analysis is expressed in the title of the present work, and, for answering the question posed, the inferences made by Prof.Stephen W. Hawking himself are cited. There are also cited the ideas suggested by Prof. Charles Sagan, Cornwell University, the USA, and Prof. J.A.Smorodinski, Russia, in their prefaces to the book. This justifies the professional competence of all three physicists-theorists and the author of the present work, a cybernetist-informationologist, for seeking the answer to the question posed in the title of the work.

It is beyond question that modern science has approached the limit of knowledge about the Universe, which was recognized to be without the beginning and the end in time. Thus, if the man could live till the state of immortality, i.e. the state of the Superior Mind - the God, as a result of rather long-term natural selection, his really infinite time and his boundless labor would allow him to expand significantly the limits of knowledge about the largest and the most complex system  - the Universe. In this respect the presented analysis seems promising as a  resolution of the next paradox of science and religion, which will be discussed in the further work.

Keywords: paradox, duality, science, religion, theory of great unification, the Universe.




Ball lightning – a problem of science of fundamental significance

Berria G. N.

Georgian Engineering Academy

M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics

The 9-th International Symposium on the Ball Lightning has shown once again that this phenomenon constructs a paradoxical problem for science: almost all is already known about the ball lightning. About 120 of its elementary properties were established, hundreds hypotheses were created, but, however, its nature remains to be a mystery. A great number of known properties and hypotheses allowed conducting the  analytical study, and it was established that the majority of the hypotheses contain anomalies (noncompatibility with the properties) and, consequently, settle out of the agenda of the challengers to the solution of the  problem. Only a small part of hypotheses is free from anomalies, they are referred to the theory of electromagnetic field.

The paradoxical delay of the  solution of the  problem is explained not by the complexity of the  task, but by its fundamentality. For its solution, it is necessary to change considerably our understanding of the structure of the Universe.

Keywords: ball lighting, fundamental problem, hypothesis, paradox.



Thermodynamic study of Ti-8Ni-Cr - system alloys and theoretical computation of their  phase  diagram

Gordeziani G.A., Mikaberidze M.P., Ramazashvili D.R., Gozalishvili E.I., Akhvlediani L.A.

 and Gachechiladze A.A.

F. Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science

On the basis of equilibrium concentrations and corresponding temperature data, obtained by experiments, a set of equations, which reflects chemical (volumetric) potentials, was developed. Five-member interaction coefficients for binary subsystems of Ti-Ni-Cr alloys were calculated by means of these equations. For the purpose of checking the accuracy of the obtained values, the theoretical and experimental phase diagrams of Ti-8Ni-Cr- system alloys were compared. As a result, it was established that the diagram built by the five-member coefficients of binary interaction is more precise than the one obtained by the binary coefficients, which exist in the database, and that it coincides with the diagram obtained experimentally.

Keywords: databases, interaction coefficients, thermodynamic potential, chemical potential, enthalpy, entropy,  catastrophe theory, phase diagram, computation model.




Modeling of the Corrosion Behaviour of  Ti-Ni-Cr-System  Alloys

Gozalishvili E.I., Mikaberidze M.P., Lordkipanidze I.N., Gordeziani G.A., Ramazashvili D.R. and Akhvlediani L.A.

F. Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science

For modeling of the corrosion behaviour of  Ti-8Ni-Cr system  alloys there were used the statistical methods of  regression analysis:  fractional factor experiment 24-1, the Box- Wilson   design and the second-order  composite-rotatable design. The effect of chromium content in the alloy, the pH values, the experiment duration and the temperature of thermal treatment  were studied. An adequate linear model of corrosion rate  y=0.1178+0.0636x1-0.081x2, where only two factors are significant – the chromium content and the temperature of thermal treatment, were obtained.  After the optimization of the adequate regression equation of second order, a canonical analysis of the response surface of optimum was performed. By  comparison of the obtained mathematical model with the hardness and the microstructure of alloys, the optimal composition of the alloy was established.

Keywords: Ti-Ni-Cr alloy, corrosion, statistical method, modeling.



SpectroPHotometric determination of small amounts of osmium

Kuratashvili Z.A., Abdushelishvili I.G. and  Zekalashvili M.G.

Tbilisi State Agrarian University

For determination of the ultramicroamount of osmium, the highly sensitive photometric method is selected. The determination of osmium by this method is carried out with the mixture of reagents (sulfanilic acid and dimethylaniline) in the nitric acid medium. The proposed method is based on the catalytic action of osmium. Dimethylaniline reduces nitric acid to nitrous acid which is determined by  the Griess reaction. The optimum conditions of determining the osmium were established. A more advanced diagram of analysis was  developed on the basis of the established optimum conditions.

Keywords: osmium, microamount, spectrophotometric determination.


Synthesis of graft  copolymers on the base of vinyl-containing

low-molecular siloxanes and N-allyllactams

Koiava N.A., Vepkhishvili N.G., Janiashvili L.K. and Sidamonidze N.N.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Tbilisi State Medical University
Abstract: On the basis of vinyl-containing low-molecular siloxanes and N-allyllactams, graft copolymers were synthesized, and their vulcanizates were derived. Some physical properties of the synthesized copolymers and physical-mechanical properties of the vulcanizates were studied. .

Keywords: N-allyllactams, siloxane, elastomers, graft co-polymerization, medical applications.




About Alkaloid-Bearing of Certain Plants of Compositae Family

Zakirov S.Kh., Abdusamatov A., Tsakadze D.M., Baramidze L.V., Kelbakiani L.V. and Kupatashvili N.N.

Tashkent State Agrarian University, Uzbekistan

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

More than twenty species of Compositae family plants were studied on the content of alkaloids and lactones. Amongst the majority of these plants, sesquiterpene lactones were isolated and their structures were determined.

Keywords: sesquiterpene lactones, isolation, alkaloids.




Algebraic-chemical  Investigation of some  Dichloranhydrides of

Di-(p-carboxyphenylaryl(alkyl)arsinоxide within the Scoрe of Quasi-ANB- matrices Method


Gverdtsiteli  M.I. and Alavidze T. Z.


Iv. Javakhisnvili Tbilisi State  University



Abstract. Algebraic-chemical inventigation of some dichloranhydrides of di-(p-carboxyphenylaryl (alkyl) arsinoxide  was carried out within the scope of quasi -ANB-matrices method. The correlation equation "structure-property" was derived.

Keywords: dicloranhydride, di-(p-carboxyphenylaryl(alkyl)arsinoxide, quasi-ANB-matrix.


Algebraic-chemical  Investigation  of  Liquid  Unbranched  Alkanes  within  the  Scope  of  Quasi-ANB-matrices  Method


  Gverdtsiteli M.I.,   Lobzhanidze T.E. and   Gverdtsiteli M.G.


Iv.  Javakhishvili  Tbilisi  State  University 


Abstract. The algebraic-chemical investigation of liquid unbranched alkanes in the scope of the method of quasi-ANB-matrices was performed. The structure-properties correlation equations were derived. The computation showed that the correlation is good.

Keywords: alkanes, quasi-ANB matrix, correlation equation.





Kupatadze K.T.


  Ilia Chavchavadze State  University


Abstract.  Algebraic-chemical investigation of some barbiturates within the scope of quasi-ANB-matrices method was carried out. The correlation equation was described.  The correlation is good.

Keywords: barbiturates, quasi-ANB-matrix, correlation.




Chemical Composition of storm flows in Tbilisi

Dvalishvili N.L., Supatashvili G.D. and Gurjia Z.G.

Iv.  Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Georgian Institute of Hydrometeorology

The macro- and microchemical composition of storm flows in Tbilisi was studied. Their part in the balance between the dissolved and the suspended substances in the Mtkvari River was assessed quantitatively. The enrichment indices (EI) of municipal wastes were computed. The highest EI of storm flows were observed in reference to potassium, nitrites, phosphates, lead and zinc.

Keywords: storm flow, chemical composition, municipal wastes.



Dual nature of mutual induction inertia


Aburjania A.N. and Begiashvili V.I.


Georgian Technical University


Dedicated to the Centennial Anniversary of the Foundation of the

Electrical Engineers International Commission (IEC – Geneva)


Abstract. It has been established that, the assumption that Faraday’s emf is always negative and that it resists the change in the electromagnetic momentum responsible for its generation is wrong. The mathematical representation of the law of inertia by the negative sign of emf appeared to be inadequate for representation of the phenomenon of inertia of mutual induction. This caused significant inconsistency between the theory and the practice, which have agitated the scientists involved in electrical engineering all over the world. The emf of mutual induction is negative at positive magnetic coupling and, in this case,  the change due to which it was generated. On the other hand, the emf of mutual induction is positive at negative magnetic coupling and it promotes the changes due to which it was generated. The negative emf is a  manifestation of the law of negation of the change in the electromagnetic momentum, and the positive emf – of negation of negation. The negation and the negation of negation are physical bases of magnetic field propagation and energy transfer. The magnetic coupling between inducing and induced currents is negative. In the present work, the base reference system, where the right-hand screw orientation of the loop and the surface was matched with Ampere’s system, was designed. An adequate formula for the energy of magnetic field of inductively coupled circuits was derived. Unique notions of like terminals and mutual induction sign were introduced. A rule of adequate mathematical modeling was developed.

Keywords: mutual induction, law of inertia, emf, law of negation, negation of negation.



Negation and Negation of Negation in Electrodynamics


Aburjania A.N. and Begiashvili V.I.


Georgian Technical University


                                                                                                                                     Dedicated to the Centenary of IEC


Abstract. The conclusions inferred as a result of long-term investigation of the role of the laws of negation and negation of negation in electrodynamics are presented. It is demonstrated that the negation and the negation of negation are the physical bases of magnetic field propagation, energy transfer and motion  resumption.

Keywords: electrodynamics, law of negation, negation of negation, mutual induction, law of inertia, emf.





Kobiashvili A.A. and Kutateladze R.G.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. One of the methods  of accessing the data in databases – indexing is considered. Two kinds of indexing, sequential and direct, are offered. The advantage of direct indexing is demonstrated by a real example.

Keywords: indexing, pointer, direct access, sequential address, inverted lists, dense indexing, nondense indexing.




Automated system for the analysis of Electromagnetic situation within radiocoverage

Zurabishvili V.I., Kokoshvili V.D., Alavidze M.J., Sivsiva M.R. and Sarjveladze S.V.

Georgian Technical University

There are discussed some problems of the analysis of electromagnetic situation within radiocoverage, including the development of  new approaches to investigation and determination of electromagnetic field parameters (EFP) and sanitary-hygienic conditions in the mentioned area using both theoretical and practical methods of analysis. The automated system for the analysis of electromagnetic situation, i.e. for determination of intensity levels of the electromagnetic field and the flux density and their compliance with the International Standards is proposed.

Keywords: radiocoverage, electromagnetic field intensity, flux density, automated system.



Modeling problems in frequency-territorial layout of radioelectronic systems

Zurabishvili V.I., Svanidze T.S., Kokoshvili M.R. and Kiknadze T.A.

Georgian Technical University

Some problems of modeling in frequency-territorial layout of radioelectronic systems (RES), including the development  of new approaches to display of designed and operational RES, are discussed. The problems of display of RES in the form of graphs consisting of linked and isolated peaks are considered. The basic criteria for choosing the objects (graph peaks) for their layout among the operating systems are proposed.

Keywords: radioelectronic system, frequency-territorial layout, modeling.




On the isolation of the nucleus of monotonous system on the set of paired bonds

Mgeladze A.P.

Georgian Technical University

The methods of hierarchical clustering of mutually bound entities are considered and compared. Preference is given to a new method based on the construction of a so-called monotonous system. The method does not depend on particular features of the elements of the matrix of bonds, but it uses direct and indirect bonds. As a result, there are obtained the nests ranked by the strength of bonding between pairs of entities.

Keywords: set of paired bonds, monotonous system, nucleus, clusterization.




Tsabadze T.V.

Georgian National Energy Regulatory Commission

This paper introduces a new approach to the establishment of electricity tariffs based on fuzzy sets. The current status of tariffication is considered. The necessity in the use of new methods for tariffication is motivated. A new method for calculation of electricity tariffs is proposed and discussed in detail, and its algorithm is given. The further development of the obtained results is outlined. The offered approach may be used for tariffication of natural gas and many other goods and services as well.

Keywords: simulation, tariff, fuzzy sets, coordination index, similarity, fuzzy set.




Revealing of errors in the digital communication channel occupied by relevant data

Murjikneli G.G., Modebadze Y.Sh. and Sulashvili Sh.T.

Georgian Technical University

In a number of works, there have been described  some devices for revealing and counting the errors, which allow measuring the adequacy of digital communication channels free of relevant data. However such measurements are associated with compulsory interruption of relevant data transfer, which is rather inconvenient. In the present work, the communication system in which the adequacy measurement is performed concurrently with the relevant data transfer via the channel is proposed. In this case, the method of sequential transfer of reference and valid signals  is used. The commutation of the channels takes place automatically at certain intervals (sessions).

Keywords: communication, digital channel, revealing of errors, adequacy, relevant data.



The method of virtual processor in software protection

Kiknadze M.G., Petriashvili L.N. and Zhvania T.G.

Georgian Technical University

A method of software protection is considered. The method is based on transferring the code to be protected into the virtual execution environment. The efficiency and the drawbacks of the method are discussed. There is proposed the version of realization which allows reducing the development cost.

Keywords: software, virtual processor, protection.




Dynamic model of the diagnostic defects of vibroactive objects at their operation

Abelashvili N.N., Bzhalava M.A. and Kvirkvelia I.O.

Georgian Technical University

A  dynamic model of the vibration mechanism of vibroactive objects at the diagnostics of defects in operational conditions is considered. There is given the solution of differential equation for the system man (operator’s hand) – vibroactive object” at changing the force of pressing of the vibration-measuring device to the vibroaticve object (example, the internal combustion engine), which is made with the help of equifrequent elements with the exponential force characteristic.

Keywords: vibration mechanism, vibroactive object, defects, vibration-measuring device, diagnostics, dynamic model.


The Use of    for Chemical Water Treatment Processes AT Equiprobable Division of Dividing Intervals


Megrelishvili Z. N., Kakhiani G. A., Tsivadze A. Ch. and Mamulaishvili N. D.


Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi


Abstract. For the adequacy estimate of the experimental data and the data calculated by the formula, which were obtained at regeneration of Na-cation exchanger with natrium sulphate,  the use of   is considered. One of the main issues when using the correspondence criterion (specifically) is the issue of dividing the sample into the optimal number of grouping intervals and defining the bound of intervals. The existing methods of dividing the sample of experimental data into intervals amount to an easy way of manual counting. However, the division of intervals according to the principle of equigraphic and equivalent  sections leads to the loss of the data sensitivity. The method of calculation of  at equiprobable dividing into grouping intervals is proposed. The tables of the experimental data processing and the calculation of  values are given. The software implementing this method on PC has been developed.

Keywords: grouping intervals, equiprobable division, water treatment, , dividing intervals.




Application of the theory of catastrophes to the determination of transition  Reynolds numbers at disPerse medium motion

Namgaladze D.P. and Gurgenidze D.R.

Georgian Technical University

The diagnosis of flow conditions is associated with determination of the transition  Reynolds number. The existing empirical approach to the solution of this problem involves the determination of the minimum of the relation between the coefficient of pressure loss and the Reynolds number, which is fraught with great difficulties. In this work, a method of determination of the transition Reynolds number by using the theory of catastrophes is proposed. The obtained results reveal the advantage of this method over the method of stochastic approximation.

Keywords: theory of catastrophes, Reynolds number, pressure loss, disperse medium, Robbins-Monroe method.



Numerical solution of the equations describing the unstable pressure flow using the Dufert-Frankel Pattern

Gurgenidze D.R.

Georgian Technical University

The unstable pressure flow in pipelines described by a linearized set of differential equations is considered. As it is rather difficult to resolve these equations in an analytical way at common initial and boundary conditions, the numerical solution is found by using the Dufert-Frankel difference pattern. The comparison of the obtained solutions with the numerical solution by the simplest explicit pattern justifies the advantage of the Dufert-Frankel pattern.

Keywords: unstable pressure flow, numerical solution, difference pattern, Dufert-Frankel pattern.




Kvatashidze R.Y., Palavandishvili N.N., Rodonaia G.N. and Rcheulishvili N.L.

A. Tvalchrelidze Caucasian Institute of Mineral Raw Materials

The problems of water supply of the town of Kobuleti, which is a health resort, are discussed. It is recommended to bring the deposit of pressure underground waters located within the delta of the Kintri­shi River into exploitation by means of drilling the system of exploratory wells with the aim to meet rising requirements in farming-potable waters  of the health resort zone and to solve the issue of ecological safety of the resources.

Keywords: water supply, health  resort, potable water, drilling.



Investigation of the segret-zilberberg effect at oil flow in the inclined pipe

Kiziria T.I.

Georgian Technical University

The Segret-Zilberberg effect for the oil flowing in the inclined pipe was studied. Based on the experimental investigation, it was found that the Segret-Zilberberg effect decreases for both upward and downward flows. For downward flows, beginning from about a=600,the Segret-Zilberberg effect vanishes. The empiric relations for determination of concentrations of upward and downward flows were obtained. The obtained relations allow choosing the optimal hydraulic conditions and improving the production process at oil processing plants.

Keywords: oil, Segret-Zilberberg effect, concentration, inclined pipe.



On Systematization of biostimulators and complex medicinal preparations

Tsivtsivadze T.I., Chigogidze N.Sh., Skhiladze R.A.,  Kldiashvili R.Sh. and Sulakvelidze G.A.

Georgian Technical University

Research Laboratory of Physiologically Active Compounds No. 393

Based on the analysis of literature for last 80 years and the results of investigations carried out by the authors of this work, the characterization of known biostimulators and medicinal preparations on their base is presented. Their systematization by generations according to the stages of their development is proposed. Four generations of biostimulators, the specific features of their chemical composition and their pharmacological action are discussed. The issues of their application in medical practice are considered.

Keywords: biostimulators, complex preparations, characterization, systematization.




The effect of biological additives on the quality indices of diesel fuel

Mamulaishvili N.D., Megrelishvili Z.N., Nizharadze E.Sh. and Janelidze O.M.

Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi

The effect of biological additives on the commercial properties of diesel fuel from the Baku oil was studied. As an additive, there was used the ethereal oil produced from tangerine peels at the local citrus-processing plant by the method of separation. The investigation results showed that doping of diesel fuel with biological additives such as the ethereal oil improves the commercial properties of fuel. Particularly, it decreases the initial boiling point, the flash point, the density and the kinematic viscosity, and   increases the cetane number and the transmittance.

Keywords: diesel fuel, biological additive, ethereal oil, fuel quality



The Combined Method of Bakingf of puff sour pastry

Pruidze E.G., Silagadze M.A., Apkhadze K.R. and Gvinepadze A.Sh.

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

The issues of freezing of puff sour pastry and its subsequent combined baking are discussed in the paper. The concept of combined baking consists in the fact that the pastry is subjected preliminarily to the action of microware field and then baked in the baking chamber.

According to organoleptic indices, the products baked by the combined method were of high quality.

It was established that the content of aminoacids and fatty acids in the puff sour pastry hardly changes during freezing, keeping and combined baking. 

Kaywords: baking, puff sour pastry, freezing, aminoacids, fatty acids.



Some results of testing of introduced tangerine species in the subtropical zone of the black sea

Lamparadze Sh.S., Jabnidze R.H. and Gogitidze G.R.

Research Institute of Tea, Subtropical Cultures and Tea Industry

The results of testing of new tangerine species brought form Japan are presented. It was established that they possess  high biological and productive properties. These species are promising for introduction into agriculture in the subtropical zone of the Black Sea. Their wide introduction will prolong the harvest period, which will provide the economic effect and will raise the efficiency of citrus-growing in the abovementioned  zone.

Keywords: tangerine, introduced species, testing, efficiency.



The issues of investigation of phenological phases of new clones of tangerine trees and mechanical-biochemical idices of the fruit

Gogitidze G.R.

Research Institute of Tea, Subtropical Cultures and Tea Industry

The specific features of growing and development of new clones of tangerine trees and their phenological phases are discussed. It was established that the new clones of tangerine trees and the reference ones underwent the phenological phases in  different time. The fruit of these clones has better indices in reference to the content of Vitamin C, the acidity and the content of saccharides. Bulk ripening of the fruit takes place earlier, which allows prolonging the fruit-bearing period by several days.

Keywords: tangerine, clone, phenological phases, biochemical indices.



Frigole: an attempt of stimulation of souring of scaldings

Khvedelidze V.G., Gordeladze D.J., Gvinianidze T.N., Berekashvili L.Z. and Tsibadze L.Z.

A. Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

There was studied the possibility of the use of frigole powder (FP) and frigole bean powder (FBP) in baking industry. The powders were introduced at the stage of preparation of scaldings used for feeding the liquid yeast. The quality of scaldings was assessed at their souring. It was established that the scaldings prepared with the use of FP and FBP are a good culture medium for microorganisms. The use of FP and FBP allows reducing the amount of wheat flour used for scaldings and, at the same time, improving the quality of the culture medium for liquid yeast and decreasing the duration of souring. The most effective dose of additive was determined experimentally.

Keywords: baking, frigole, liquid yeast, addition of starter, scaldings, souring.