On a statistical problem in the Hilbert space: PART 1

Buadze T.G. and Sokhadze G.A.

Georgian Technical University

A.Tsereteli Kutaisi  State University

The problem of determination of the measure with the help of weak distribution in the Hulbert space is discussed Such a criterion for the sign-alternative distribution is proposed.

Keywords: Hilbert space, measure, weak distribution, sign-alternative measure.




On the measures arisen from the solutions to the hurs problem with random terms

Sokhadze G.A.

A. Tsereteli Kutaisi State University

The Hurs problem is considered. There were found the conditions at which the measure corresponding to the solution of this problem in the functional space is absolutely continuous in reference to the solution of the corresponding linear problem. The Radon-Nikodim density was calculated. The problem with white noise was considered separately.

Keywords: hurs problem, equivalence of measures, Radon-Nikodim derivative.




Formulae of extrapolations and filtrations of partially observed solutions of quasilinear functional differential equations with random disturbance:

Part I

Sokhadze G.A.

A. Tsereteli Kutaisi State University

The issues of derivation of explicit formulae of extrapolations and filtrations of random elements observed in the subdomain are discussed. This task has been accomplished for general quasilinear equations, and the obtained explicit formulae allow deriving the exact prediction formulae. For obtaining the desired formulae, the Radon-Nikodim method of density was used. This method permits the substitution of nonlinear equations with random  terms with the linear ones with the same terms.

Keywords: extrapolation, filtration, Radon-Nikodim density, quasilinear equations, random disturbance.





Kinetics and thermodynamics of formation of polar triplet exciplexes

Kokrashvili T.A. and Chabukiani L.V.

Georgian Technical University

The kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of formation of polar triplet exciplexes were obtained. Most of the triplet exciplexes were formed in the irreversible process proceeding at virtually every encounter of the triplet with the molecule of the electron donor in the solution.

Keywords: triplet, polar triplet exciplex, electron donor, formation, kinetics, thermodynamics.






Kinetics of dissociation of triplet exciplexes

Kokrashvili T.A., Chabukiani L.V. and Kokrashvili G.T.

Georgian Technical University

The kinetics of dissociation of triplet exciplexes (TE) into radical ions of medium polarity is described adequately in the scope of a simple diffusion model if the distance between the radical ions is taken as the empiric value which could exceed significantly the sum of van der Waals radii of reagents and which is rather sensitive to the existing specific interrelations among the radical ions in TE or between TE and surrounding molecules.

Keywords: triplet exciplexes, triplet state, radical  ions, dissociation, kinetics.




Investigation on the N-Layer Metallic-Dielectric Grating

Kokilashvili L.G., Kevanishvili G.Sh. and Kokilashvili G.L.

Georgian Technical University

The complex N-layer grating each of the layers of which consisted of infinitely long metallic and dielectric cylinders of finite thickness was studied. Its reflection and transmission coefficients after the incidence of the plane wave on it were determined.

Keywords: metallic-dielectric grating, dielectric function, reflection coefficient, transmission coefficient.






Diffraction of the N-layer grating of dielectric cylinders

Kokilashvili L.G., Kevanishvili G.Sh. and Kokilashvili G.L.

Georgian Technical University

The sacttering of plane waves by the N-layer grating of dielectric cylinders is discussed. The problem is similar to the one that we resolved in our earlier work. In this case, the energy distribution is of other character, as the coefficients of transmission (B) and reflection (R) include the dielectric coefficient η(μ).

Keywords: diffraction, plane waves, n-layer grating, dielectric cylinder.





On the topological similarity of the velocity field and the magnetic field structures in the stagnation zone in front of the magnetosphere

Khantadze A.G., Chkhitunidze M.S. and Zhonzholadze N. I.

Space Agency of Georgia

M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics

In previous works it was shown that, as a result of splitting of the force line of interplanetary magnetic filed at a certain point which is the edge of the magnetic configuration formed, it is possible to obtain a magnetic surface similar to the conic surface approximating the stagnation zone in front of the magnetosphere in space. The well-known Alven solution for waves, which is valid for ideally conducting plasma, was obtained under the condition of parallelism of velocity and magnetic field vectors. Such orientation  of  the  frozen –in  magnetic  field   in  respect   to  the  velocity  is  likely to  occur  in  the  solar  wind  before  its  interaction  with  the  magnetosphere. Though.  such  a  condition  could  be  retained  in  the  stagnation zone in front of the magnetosphere as well. This  possibility is demonstrated by using a simple model of disturbance  when   the  plasma  can  have    both  magnetic  and  common   viscosity. In this case, the topological similarity   of  the  velocity and magnetic   fields could be  retained only if there are used some  restrictions  which hardly  affect  the physical  aspect  of  the    problem.  It turns out  that the topology  of  current  lines of the plasma and the magnetic field could be identical not only in the ideal medium, but also in the dissipative one, which is the plasma in the   stagnation zone.

Keywords: magnetosphere, stagnation zone, magnetic field, velocity field, structure, topological similarity.



Influence of the magnetic field on the transverse runaway threshold


Bochorishvili  B. G. and Metreveli N.K.


Iv. Javakishvili Tbilisi State University


Abstract. The transverse runaway (TR) is a phenomenon when, for a certain combination of energy and momentum scattering mechanisms of hot electrons and for a certain threshold of the applied electric field, the internal (total) field tends to infinity. In the work, the effect of the magnetic field on the transverse runaway threshold is considered. It is shown that, with the increasing magnetic field, the applied critical electric fields relevant to TR decrease.

The obtained results are important for practical applications of the TR effect as well as for investigation of possible nonlinear oscillations that may occur near the TR threshold.

Keywords: galvanomagnetic effects, nonlinear effects, hot electrons.






Gulua Yu.K.

Sukhumi Branch of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The result of the model experiment under the conditions of critical region of the flow along a semicylinder are presented. It is demonstrated that, under these transient conditions, besides the periodic pulsations of pressure caused by separation of vortexes, there occur periodic pulsations of pressure of lower frequency  which are caused by periodic movement of the point of vortex separation on the semicylinder surface under the conditions of the critical region.

Keywords: fluid, critical region, vortex, separation point, low-frequency pulsation, pressure





electrodinamic analysis of the system consisting of the cylinder inserted in parallel with the narrow wall of rectangular waveguide and the dielectric layer located  behind it

Kvatadze Z.A., Kekelia G.V. and Kipiani D.O.

Georgian Technical University

The electrodynamic properties of rectangular waveguides with inserted obstacles, consisting  of cylinders made of various materials and a dielectric layer, are discussed. There is given an infinite set of linear algebraic equations in reference to the coefficients of multifield spectrum scattered by the field cylinder. The graphs of reflection index dependences on the parameters of the problem  were plotted. The role of the load which is represented by the abovementioned system at its insertion into the rectangular waveguide was analyzed. The advantages of the suggested system over other well-known ones are emphasized.

Keywords: rectangular waveguide, cylinder, dielectric layer, electrodynamic analysis.




influence of Thermo-mechanical and isothermal treatments on the wear of ADI during dry friction



Khidasheli N.Z., Kutelia E.R., Bakhtiyarov S.I.,

Beradze G.V. and Demirkiran K.


Republic Center for Structure Researches, Georgian Technical University

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM, the USA

International Black Sea University


Abstract. The investigation on the effect of combination of high-temperature thermo-mechanical treatment and multistep austempering processes on the wear of austempered ductile iron (ADI) during dry friction was conducted for two compositions of ADI: first – high-silicon (2.2% Si), low-alloyed with  molybdenum and copper; second –low-silicon (0.5% Si), containing aluminum (2% Al). The content of sulfur was less than 0,002%. It was established that, for the investigated compositions of ADI, there is the possibility of control of the transformation of retained austenite by the degree and mechanism in the intermediate temperature range; the optimum combination of high strength and good wear-resistant properties of ADI is due to the ultrafine bainite structure dispersion and the variable content of retained austenite.

Keywords: ADI, wear, dry friction, heat treatment, bainite.


On the Calculation of oscillations of structurally inhomogeneous Laminated slabs

Danelia R.V.  and Kamkamidze N.S.

Georgian State Agrarian University

Georgian Technical University

The problem of oscillations of structural-inhomogeneous slabs with elastic facing and a viscoelastic inner ply has been resolved. The synergism effect of viscoelastic behavior is shown, which allows resolving the optimization tasks at designing the laminated mechanical systems. In this work, the structurally inhomogenous three-layered melallic polymeric slab with elastic facing and a viscoelastic inner ply in considered.

Keywords: laminated slabs, structural inhomogeneity, oscillations, calculation.




On the construction of the line of intersection of the hyperbolic paraboloid surface with the elipsoid of revolution

Chavleshvili G.N.

Georgian Technical University

In this work, the following problem has been solved: the surface of hyperbolic paraboloid and the surface of revolution coaxial with it, for example the ellipsoid of revolution, are given; the line of their intersection is to be constructed. The problem was solved by using the quadratic transformation.

Keywords: hyperbolic paraboloid, ellipsoid of revolution, line of intersection.





About a particular problem of minimization of the lost profit

Burjanadze V.O. and  Javakhadze G.S.

Georgian Technical University

There is considered a problem of formation of the program of development, i.e. the  choice of a set of projects which realization provides achievement of the aims in view. The problem about working out the planned schedule of realization of the program is put as well. In conditions of deficiency of financial resources, there is no opportunity of simultaneous realization of all projects of the program.  The problem of minimization of losses for lost profit is solved and analyzed by the given example.     

Keywords: project, particular problem, profit , minimization of losses..




Modern  conception of the possibility of fulfilment of inversion and the absolute energoinformation principle of conservation in the nature

Khvedelidze M.A.

International Information Academy

Georgian Engineering Academy                                                                                                                                      

The conception of energoinformation duality (CEID) allowed considering the phenomena of life and death as a cyclic regularity of the process of restoration and destruction of their duality, i.e. bound energy and structural information. Then there arose the hypothesis that such a cyclic regularity could be of a more global scale in relation to the circulation of energoinformation duality form the bound state to the scattered state and again to the bound state in the system of the Universe itself, via the physical vacuum being scantly known. This fact could be, at the same time, the fulfillment of the absolute energoinformation principle of conversation (AEIPC). This was admitted as the generalized law of information conservation in the Universe reasoning from CEID and informationology. Further still, the author realized that some analog of such a global cyclic regularity in the macroworld on the Earth is the process of photosynthesis proceeding in plants at the expense of the energoinformation flow from the Sun. The task is to find experimentally the mysterious phenomenon of energoinformation inversion having been sought for ages. Apparently, only in such a way it would be possible to correlate the paradox of  the regularity of classical physics with the regularity of quantum physics. Only then there would emerge the principle opportunity for the mankind to design artificially the most sophisticated engine – the converter “invented” by the nature itself by supreme Mind’s program!

Keywords: conception, energoinformation duality, inversion, absolute energoinformation principle of conservation.





The forms of antimony in natural and technogenic objects in the region of mining and processing of sulfide ores of arsenic

Guguchia M.M, Loria N.V., Labartkava N.A. and Supatashvili G.D.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The content of antimony in natural and technogenic objects in the region of mining and processing of sulfide ores of arsenic (the Lukhuni River Ravine) was studied. It varied in the range of 0.13-6.45 g/kg. The distribution of the forms of antimony in the abovementioned objects was also investigated. The sulfide ore slag contained oxide forms, the soils – sulfide forms, and the bottom sediments - silicate forms of antimony.

Keywords: antimony, content, arsenic, sulfide ores, mining, processing.




Quantitative Analysis of Organochlorine Pesticides in various objects by gas CHRomatogpraphy

Kutkhashvili M.G. and Gonashvili M.V.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Organochlorine pesticides have greatest impact on human health, and it is very important to study their content in the environment. By the United Nations Stockholm Convention, they have been classified as “Persistent Organic Pollutants” by their environmental persistence, long half-lives and their potential of  bioaccumulation  in the organism.

Solid-phase extraction gas-chromatographic method was developed for determination of pesticides in soil, water and vegetable samples.  The method permits the determination of 17 different pesticides. Individual detection limits were 0.0001 µg/ml.

Keywords: pesticides, quantitative analysis, gas chromatography.




The Study of Separation of Some Amino Acids by Capillary Gas Chromatography

Amirkhanashvili K.D., Nadiradze N.A., Vardiashvili R.O., Sidamonidze N.N. and Gagua Sh.G.

P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

A new method of transformation of amino acids into methyl esters was studied. It is shown that methyl esters of studied amino acids are better elueted at 165-170 oC. The use of CO2 as an eluent reduces the analysis time and the asymmetry of the chromatographic zone, and, at the same time, increases the column efficiency.

Keywords: amino acids, capillary chromatography, methyl ester, eluent.






Sulaberidze K.T.,  Bezarashvili G.S., Tsirekidze S.V.,

Dzotsenidze Z.G. and Gigauri R.D.


Iv. Javakhishvili  Tbilisi State University


Abstract.  The  reaction  between  triamylarsenite  and  1,4-dioxibenzene  under  nonisothermal  conditions  and with significant excess  of  arsenite was  studied  by  means  of  kinetic  experiment  realization.  The  process  was  observed  using  a  volumetric  method  via  distillation  of  the  by-product  (amyl  alcohol).   The  reaction  rate  values  were  determined  by  the  method  of  graphical  differentiation  of  the kinetic  curve.  Specific  kinetic  equations  describing  the  dependence  of  the  depth  of  chemical  conversion  on  time  under  the  given  experimental  conditions  are  presented.

Keywords:  kinetic  experiment,  kinetic  equations, triamylarsenite, hydroquinone, transesterification,  volumetric  method. 




Biologically Active Compounds of Asteraceae Family:

Sesquiterpene Lactones  of Two Species of the Plants of Jurinea Genus

Zakirov S.X., Abdusamatov A., Kupatashvili N.N., Kelbakiani L.V. and Tsakadze D.M.

State Agrarian University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Two species Jurinea Shachimardanica and Jurinea kokanica of the plant Jurinea (Asteraceae) were studied on the content of biologically active compounds. From the mentioned species, for the first time, seven sesquiterpene lactones, including two new lactones of germacrane row, were isolated: shachimardon C15H18O4 8-keto, 15-hydroxy-6β,7α(H), germacr-1(10), 4(5), 11(3) – triene, 6, 12 – olide and lactones with the content of C15H20O4 8-keto,15 hydroxy - 6β, 7α(H), germacr-1(10), 4(5), – diene, 6, 12 – olide.

Three known lactones were identified.

Keywords: biologically active substances, lactone, identification, isolation, sesquiterpenes.









Extraction of biostimulantS from the GRAPE-processing secondary products

Kalatozishvili E.I. and Mujiri L.A.

Scientific Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-Making

The biostimulants are produced from   stems – the secondary products of wine-making. The optimal conditions of their production were established: reduction range - 2-5 mm; time of hydrolysis - 2-3 hours; temperature - 90-950 C; concentration of alkali - 1%. Indigenous vine varieties were subjected to experiment: Rkatsiteli, Goruli Mtsvane, Tavkveri, and Kartlis Tita. Lopped shoots on 2-3 buds were processed by the solutions of different concentration: 1/10; 1/15; 1/30; 1/40 in 5 iterations.

Keywords: vine,wine-making,  secondary products,  processing, biostimulant.




Combinational usage and effectiveness of Seduxen, Trental and Aquagen Oxygen after a severe mechanical trauma

Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine

Baratashvili G.G., Kevlishvili O.Sh. and Megrelishvili N.Z.

Tbilisi State Medical University

In the experiment on rats with crush syndrome there was established very high effectivness of Seduxen, Trental and Aquagen Oxygen at their combinational intravenous injection after decompression. The explanation of the phenomenon  of significant increase in the Seduxen effectivness caused by the combination of Seduxen with uneffective Trental after a severe mechanical trauma was presented. This phenomenon is correlated with intensification of the blood coagulative system after isolative injecton of Seduxen.

Keywords: effectivness, mechanical trauma, Seduxen, decompression, combinational injection, crush syndrome, Trental, Aquagen Oxygen.





On the history Of silver and gold Mining in Georgia in the Second half of the 18th century

Badzoshvili T.V., Inanishvili G.V. and Chagunava R.V.

Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science

The inventory of annual silver and gold revenues of Akhtala Silver Plant for the period from 1784 to 1790 is discussed. The real downtime after destructive invasion of Omar-Khan’s troops has been refined. It made up one year instead of two years as it was believed before. It is demonstrated that, after forced one-year downtime, the gold and silver production tended to growth.

Keywords: gold, silver, mining, historical inventory.




Transport of Pollutants in the Estuarine System

on the Georgian Coast of the Black Sea


Chikviladze Kh.N., Dassenakis M. and Botsou F.


Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of   Georgia

Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece


Abstract. In this study we tried to define the effects of the disposal of pollutants on the water quality of the estuarine system on the Georgian coast of the Black Sea: Paliastomi Lake, which is a shallow water body to the south – east of the city of Poti. In the period of 1999-2000, two samplings took place in the system, one in the low flow period and one in the high flow period. During these samplings, such parameters as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and salinity were measured in situ, whereas water samples were collected for the analysis of trace metals, nutrients and organic pollutants.

Keywords:  environment protection, estuary, pollution, lake





Some problems of the geological hazard to the Baku-Tbilisi-Gayhan main in the central part of Trialeti morphostructure (Georgia)

Tsereteli E.D.,  Gobechia G.N., Gobedzishvili R.G., Gaprindashvili M.V. and Tsereteli N.E.

V. Bagrationi Institute of Geography

Centre for Studying the Productive Forces and Natural Resources

From the standpoint of the geological hazard to the Baku-Tbilisi-Gayhan  Main, of primary interest is the activity of landsliding processes in the central part of Trialeti morphostructure (Georgia). At this section of the main, there are landslides of three genetic types: tectoseismogravitational, consistent (climatogenic)  and cryogenic, which are a serious hazard to normal and reliable operation of the main. A serious hazard is also the existence of seismogravitational blocks among “live” tectonic fractures, the activation of which is connected with tectogravitational pressure caused by earthquakes. They are characterized by deep location and slow creep.

For providing the secure operation of the Baku-Tbilisi- Gayhan  Main, it would be expedient to organize continuous geomonitoring of particularly hazardous geodynamic areas using terrestrial and aerospace observations and geophysical studies and to create the relevant database for due and reliable prediction of the state of hazardous landslides.

Keywords: main, Baku-Tbilisi-Gayhan , geological hazard, landslide, geomonitoring, prediction.




Assessment of the degree of pollution of surface water sources in the united state monitoring system

tsikhelashvili z.i., chkheidze n.v. and japaridze v.k.

georgian technical university

the protection of water ecosystems against pollution and, thus, the guarantee of environmental safety of population is a topical and urgent problem. in this paper, the problem of establishment of the united state monitoring system is discussed. There are defined normal, crisis and disastrous situations in reference to the environmental state of surface water sources and the degrees and zones of risks for the population. The block diagram of information control system for environmental monitoring is presented.

keywords: environment protection, monitoring, surface water, pollution, environmental





On the Structure of Waste-Water Control System

Dolidze A.V., Dolidze V.A. and Makhashvili K.A.

Georgian Technical  University

The system of controlling the waste water quality is described. The system includes a set of portable instruments with wide possibilities, the instruments  for continuous  measurements in the mode of  “instrumental guard” and automated measurement systems. The indices to be measured and the measurement ranges of portable instruments are given.

There are discussed the prospects for development of automated analytical systems with the use of two computers operating  in the following modes: the first one deals with the tasks resolved in real time, while the second one deals with the tasks which cannot be resolved in real time (long-term data storage, data processing by the methods of mathematical statistics, the access to the Internet and processing of measurement results from the objects which are not controlled by measurement systems etc.).

Keywords: waste waters, quality control, control system, portable instruments, monitoring.



Energy Efficiency Assessment for Binary Steam and Gas Cogeneration Plants Using The Proportional Method


Chitashvili G.P., Arabidze G.O. and Khetaguri A.G.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. The proportional method of assessment of energy efficiency of binary steam and gas cogeneration plants was developed. The International Energy Agency has recommended the application of this method for cogeneration plants. The proportional method differs from the physical one in that the fuel saving is distributed between electricity and heat generation of the cogeneration plant. Therefore, based on the proportional method, the specific consumption of fuel on electricity generation is by 7-10% higher than in the case of the physical method and vice versa: the specific consumption of fuel on heat generation is even lower than the physical equivalent of thermal energy (coefficient of efficiency >100%). This can be explained by the conventional nature of the parameter – it is needed only for comparison of the combined energy generation with its alternative separate method.

The tariffs for heat and electricity generated by the  steam and gas cogeneration plant (as well as by any other type of cogeneration plant) should be set only based on the market structure. 

Keywords: steam and gas cogeneration plant,  energy efficiency, assessment, proportional method.



Application of the method of electromechanical analogy to the investigation of electric drive systems

Gelashvili G.O.

Georgian Technical University

The procedure of investigation of electric drive systems, the mechanical part of which is characterized by distributed parameters, using the proposed method of electrochemical alanogy. By this method, the drill pipe string of the deep drilling rig is considered as a ladder circuit consisting of an array of sequentially connected quadripoles. There are given the equations of the ladder circuit, the analog models and the results of investigation of the electric drive of the drilling rig.

Keywords: electric drive, elecromechanical analogy, drilling rig, ladder circuit.




Analysis of ElectromagnetiC couplings and forces of the differential linear pulse motor

Jikhvadze I.J.

Georgian Technical University

The electromagnetic and electromechanical features of the designs of linear pulse motors are analyzed. It is demonstrated that, for calculation of the induction, the forces and the utilization factors, well-known relations for rotary pulse motors can be used. The estimation of radial forces of one-side magnetic attraction of the armature is presented. It was established that under the action of these forces, the friction in supports is the function of current in motor phases at significant eccentricities. The recommendations on the choice of supports are given.

Keywords: linear pulse, motor, electromagnetic coupling, electromagneric forces.



A New Kinetic equation for the scale formation at the reaction surface diminution

Nakhutsrishvili I.G.

Institute of Cybernetics

There were derived implicit kinetic equations of the gain in weight (m) of the metal (alloy)/scale system at gradual diminishing of the effective oxidation area:


where k is the coefficient of change in the effective area; k1 and k2 are the rectilinear and the parabolic constants, respectively; m0 is the initial weight of scale; t is the time of oxidation.

Particular limiting cases of this equation at k1=¥ and/or m0=0 are considered.

Keywords: oxidation, kinetic parameters, specific weight gain, effective reaction area, equation of scale formation.






Mirtskhulava L.G., Mirtskhulava E.G. and  Gugunashvili  G.N.


Georgian Technical University



Abstract: The optical burst switching (OBS) analysis is given with the use of the mathematical model of optical packet data traffic. The queuing theory is applied to modeling the flow aggregation process in the edge router, using the  model with Poisson distribution of interarrival time between IP packets.

Keywords: Optical Burst Switching (OBS) traffic, analytical modeling, Poisson distribution


On Page Management in Database Access


Kobiashvili A. A. and Kutateladze R.G.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. The information access process in databases is considered. The page management algorithm for creation and initial loading of databases, as well as for database updating, is offered.

Keywords: database, access, page management.




The study on the mathematical model of the drill pipe string

Machabeli G.G., Mchedlishvili N.P. and Gelashvili G.O.

Georgian Technical University

Wave processes occurring in the drill pipe string  exert a profound effect on the efficiency of drilling. The analysis of these processes is related to the solution of a quotient derivative eqation. In the paper, the method of mechanical analogs was used. The obtained simulator of the drill pipe string was analyzed by means of the method of computational mathematics Matlab.

Keywords: drill pipe string, simulation, wave equation.



NOmograms for CALCULATION of thermophysical characteristics of tea

Khvedelidze V.G., Gordeladze D.J., Tabagari T.B. and Mikeltadze Sh.O.

Kutaisi Scientific Center of the Georgian Academy of Sciences

The trial-and-error mathematical models for determination of thermophysical characteristics of tea with the confidence coefficient of 0.95 were obtained depending on the humidity, the temperature and the density of the material. The applicable nomograms for the analysis and practical calculations were constructed.

Keywords: tea, thermophysical characteristics, nomograms.





Study of the antimicrobial properties of biopolymers and Medical textiles

Pailodze N.O., Buadze E.P. and Sharabidze M.R.

A. Tsereteli Kutaisi State University

In the present work we have studied antimicrobial properties of medical towels and of the biopolymer composition which the aforesaid towels are impregnated with. For this purpose, we developed several combinations of the composition, namely the pure bentonite composition, the suspension with a softener and another one with glycerin. The presence of microbes was checked on the day of preparation, and in 7 and 10 days after preparation of the composition. As the analysis showed, the bentonite-softener composition appeared to be the best one; the number of microbes in it was much less than in two other compositions.  So, we may conclude that, for production of medical towels, it is better to use the fresh bentonite-softener composition.

We prepared medical towels impregnated with three combinations of the composition and then dried them at high temperature. High temperature drying appeared to improve the antimicrobial properties of medical towels. The bentonite-softener composition can be recommended as the most suitable one in this case as well.

Keywords: biopolymer, medical textiles, softeners, antimicrobial properties.

















Khvedelidze V.G., Gordeladze D.J., Mikeltadze Sh.O. and Tabagari T.B.

Kutaisi State Technical University

As a result of statistical handling of the perennial data of mechanical composition of economic tea raw material, the relation of the content of tender, coarse and rough fractions in tea raw material was established. Mathematical expressions for prediction of the yield of biologically active substances from any tea raw material were obtained.

Keywords: tea, raw material, biologically active substances, prediction of the yield




Production of beer wort dry concentrate

Dzekonskaya M.L.

Georgian Technical University

Beer wort dry concentrate is light or dark powder produced from hopped wort by its drying in the vacuum spray drier. By the technological scheme, the hopped wort of concentration 14-17% is fed from the hop extraction vessel into the collector, where it is cooled up to 60-900C, and then it passes to the nozzle of the drying tower. The wort is sprayed by compressed air under the pressure of 6-7 atm. and dried. The dried powder deposits in filter sacks, pours out into the cyclone collector and is packed in packages. The beer wort dry concentrate is easy to store and to transport.  We simply dissolve it in water, and the wort is ready for fermentation. This allows saving the expenses on electric power, hot steam and gas, which, in its turn, reduces the cost of beer production. The beer wort dry concentrate provides the production of stable beer without colloidal fog.

Keywords: brewing, beer wort, dry concentrate, hopped wort, fermentation.



agroclimatic conditions of cultivation  of  the tangerine of UnshYu VarEty in Ajara

Vasadze Yu.Sh. and Gogitidze G.M.

Georgian Institute of Tea, Subtropical Cultures and Tea Industry

The issues concerning agroclimatic conditions of cultivation of the tangerine of Unshyu variety in Ajara, Georgia, are discussed. The total response of the culture to low temperatures including frosts were studied. The areas of spreading of the tangerine of Unshyu variety by vertical zonality in the fruit-production zone of Ajara were established.

Keywords: tangerine, Unshyu variety, cultivation, area of spreading, vertical zonality.





Rational Using of Bean Flour in the Baking of BreAd

Pruidze E.G., Silagadze M.A.  and Tavdidishvili D.R

A. Tsereteli Kutaisi State University

The favorable effect of using the flour of vicia Faba beans on the quality of white bread is demonstrated. The optimal quantity of added unroasted bean flour is 10%, and roasted - 15% to the mass of flour.  At the use of bean flour in the baking of bread, slowing down of hardening to 6-10 hours is observed.

Keywords: bread baking, bean flour, rational additive.