On the theory of low-temperature electron mobility in the electron-phonon system and frohlichs model of the polaron


Kotiya B.A.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract . New exact quantum evolutional equations for equilibrium two-time correlation functions (Green functions) of a small subsystem interacting with a thermostat (boson field) were derived with the help of Liouville superoperator formalism and the projection operator by the method. The random phase approximation (RPA) was not used at the derivation of these equations.

As applications, the electron-phonon system and Frohlichs polaron model are considered. On the basis of the Kubo linear response theory, the consistent theory of electrical conductivity was developed.

Analytical expressions for the conductivity tensor and mobility over the entire ranges of low temperatures and frequencies w of the external electric field were obtained.

In these models, we also obtained temperature corrections to the electrical conductivity and mobility conditioned by accounting for the initial correlations of electrons with phonons.

There was obtained the correct low-temperature mobility of Frohlichs polaron, the analyses of which by different methods led to different results.

Keywords : correlation functions, Liouville superoperator forma lism, electron-phonon system (Frohlichs polaron), electrical conductivity, mobility.



A Novel Approach to the Theory of the Dipole

Kevanishvili G.Sh., Kotetishvili K.V.

and Kevanishvili I.G.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. A novel approach to the theory of the dipole has been developed. The kernel of the integral equation of the axial current is presented in an analytical form. It consists of two parts regular and singular, the latter being of the logarithmic kind and having the infinitely large peak. This makes possible to represent the kernel of the equation in the form of the -similar function, which determined the transformation of this equation into the Fredholm equation of the II kind. Based on the Hilbert-Schmidt theorem the solution of the integral equation is given in an analytical form. The comparison of the theoretically obtained values of the axial current with the known experimental data, the agreement of which is rather good, is given..

Keywords: dipole, integral equation, kernel, theory.



A novel approach to the theory of the spherical radome


Kevanishvili G . Sh ., Kotetishvili K . V . and Kevanishvili I . G .


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. An approximate electrodynamic theory of the spherical radome with the dipole placed inside it close to the center is suggested. The calculation formula of the power radiated in the far zone is given. The conditions at which this power reaches its maximum value are considered. For the tickness of the dielectric layer of the radome, those conditions give the transcendental equation, which can be solved by the graphical method for fixed values of the wavelength and dielectric permittivity of the spherical layer of the radome.The examples of calculation of geometric dimensions of the radome are presented.

Keywords: antenna, spherical radome, dipole, theory.





Kevanishvili G.Sh., Kevanishvili I.G., and Kotetishvili K.V.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. An approximate electrodynamic theory of a spherical radome is suggested. The analytical expression for transparency of the dielectric layer of the radome has been derived. There is presented an example of calculation of the optimal electrodynamic conditions of its operation, under which the dielectric layer becomes the most transparent.

Keywords: radome, dielectric layer, dipole, theory.



On the theory of the five-branch Waveguide junction

Dekanosidze Sh.V., Kekelia G.V. and Kobiashvili Ph.G.

Georgian Technical University

The basic points of the electromagnetic theory of the five-branch waveguide junction are considered. By using the boundary conditions on the image interface of different media, there was obtained the set containing 3 infinite sets of linear algebraic equations connected with each other in reference to 3 series of unknown coefficients. The obtained set is the 2-nd kind triangular one, which can be solved by the method of reduction using a computer.

Keywords : waveguide junction, main branch, side branch, Gordon lemma, Cauchy theorem.


The Five - Branch Waveguide Junction with a matching discontinuity in the form of a metallic cylinder

Dekanosidze Sh . V ., Kekelia G.V. and Kobiashvili Ph.G.

Georgian Technical University

There is considered the problem of scattering of the basic wave of a rectangular waveguide on the metallic cylinder located in the main branch of the five-branch junction in parallel with its narrow wall. The solution of the problem is given. As a result, there has been derived an infinite set of linear algebraic equations in reference to 4 series of unknown coefficients.

Keywords : waveguide junction, matching discontinuity, metallic cylinder, multipole spectrum, diffraction spectrum.



On the problem of simulation of the magnetic viscosity in the vicinity of the magnetosphere boundary

Kereselidze Z . A . and Chkhitunidze M.S.

M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics

There is suggested a model of the nonstationary pulse change in the magnetic viscosity of the solar wind plasma in the vicinity of the magnetosphere boundary. By using the method of sequential approximations, analytical expressions for the magnetopause thickness and the magnetic field distribution were derived. It is shown that the magnetic field distribution in the magnetopause is practically self-simulating for the characteristic time interval of the pulse change in the solar wind plasma.

Keywords : magnetosphere, plasma, magnetic viscosity, boundary layer, magnetopause.



formation of similarity measures by using mini and maxi portraits

Zhvania T.G., Mikadze D.R. and Diakonidze K.F.

Georgian Technical University

There is considered the problem of formation of similarity measures by using mini and maxi portraits in pattern recognition with the aim of making decisions at recognition of unknown realizations. The procedures of formation of intermediate operations of comparison with the mini and maxi portraits were developed. As a result, there were obtained four coefficients used as arguments for the formed similarity measures. It is demonstrated that, at fulfilling certain conditions, the similarity measure with the properties of reflexivity and symmetry can be formed.

Keywords : pattern recognition, similarity measure, mini portraits, maxi portraits, decision-making, reference descriptions.




Gegiadze G.G., Davarashvili O.I., Enukashvili M.I., Kekelidze N.P., Darsavelidze G.Sh.,

Gabrichidze L.L. and Zlomanov V.P..

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science

M.Lomonosov Moscow State University

The threshold currents of lasers will be decreased and the resistance of photodetectors will be increased by the way of expansion of the range of elastic deformation. Correspondingly, their operation temperature will be rised.

Keywords : semiconductor, lasers, photodetectors, impurity, elastic deformation, threshold current, resistance.


Encoding of Heuristic Information for Recognition of Images

Kadagishvili L . G.

Institute of Cybernetics

Abstract . A coding system for informational characteristics of colors was selected. By means of this system, there was formed an algorithm as a recognition system.

Keywords : heuristic parameters, encoding, recognition of images, system of recognition.



Is it possible to Determine the Action of the Cyclic Regularity

of Formation of structural Levels of matter from its Monostate?

Khvedelidze M.A.

Institute of Cybernetics

Georgian Engineering Academy

International Informatization Academy

Based on the literature, it is demonstrated that the existence of the stable monostate of matter in the form of Diracs monofield cannot be justified by physics in the present state of the art. But it has long been known that there exists the notion of the state of the duality of magnetic poles, i.e. magnetic dipoles, at all known levels of organization of the matter structure including living systems. In 1968 and 1969 the author of this paper discovered natural magnetism in plant seeds due to their metabolism and in insects due to their orientation to Earths magnetic field. Later investigations in many countries have demonstrated that the magnetic dipole in the form of biogenic magnetite, ferromagnetic compounds of Fe 3O 4, is found in all the living systems associated with fulfillment of various functions. Continuing the global generalization, the author considers the importance of the conception of the energoinformation duality (CEID) in the aspect of the cyclic regularity of evolutional development of the matter structure organization. There are noted important achievements in the generalizing field of science-informatization, which have expanded the horizon of thinking. It is also noted that the application of generalizing methods of cybernetics to its elder sister - physics has already begun.

Keywords: formation of matter structure levels, cyclic regularity, monostate, magnetic dipole, energoinformation duality, generalization.


On the issue of heat exchange in a biogas installation


Khantadze J.V., Lanchava M. D. and Bitsadze A. Ph.


Institute of Metallurgy of Academy of Sciences of Georgia

NGO Bioenergy


Abstract . The heat balance of biogas installations widely used on farms is studied. Heat losses through the shell of the anaerobic digester (AD) are considered in approximation to a spherical wall and under the conditions of natural convection without taking into account the effect of the thermal boundary layer. It is shown that heat losses increase proportionally to the surface area of the AD and the amount of evolved gas increases proportionally to the capacity. As a result, with the increase of the AD size the fraction of heat losses in relation to the energy of produced biogas decreases, tending asymptotically to zero. For installations of different capacity, the amount of energy which is necessary for sustaining the mesophilic process of anaerobic fermentation of organic wastes was determined.

Keywords: biogas installation, anaerobic digester, heat exchange.



Comparison between Multi Layer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function Neural Networks in Rainfall - Runoff modelling


Gabitsinashvili G.A.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are proven to be very efficient in solving very complicated non-linear problems and have been applied to various hydrologic tasks for the last decades. In this paper, the river runoff is modelled from precipitation and temperature using two ANN models, the Multi-Layer Perceptron Network trained by the backpropagation algorithm (MLP-BP) and the Radial Basis Function (RBF) Network Their potentials in representing the complex rainfall-runoff process are compared. The ANN technique was applied to modelling the runoff in a sub-basin of the Kavlinge River in Scania, Southern Sweden. Both tested ANN models provided good results and high accuracy. The results show that ANNs can be successfully applied to constructing the relation between the rainfall and the runoff for the studied sub-catchment. Additional advantages of the RBF models are that they require little background knowledge of ANNs and need less time for development.

Keywords : artificial neural networks, hydrologic modelling, multilayer perceptron, radial basis function .


Evaluation of data preprocessing for rainfall-runoff modelLing using artificial neural network S


Gabitsinashvili G.A. and Namgaladze D.P.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the effect of different types of data preprocessing on the results generated by artificial neural Networks (ANN), especially on the accuracy of the peak flow estimation. For this purposes, the river runoff was modelled from precipitation and temperature using two ANN models, the Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) Network trained by the backpropagation algorithm (MLP-BP) and the Radial Basis Function (RBF) Network, and their sensitivity to normalization was compared. The ANN technique was applied to modelling the runoff in a sub-basin of the Kavlinge River in Scania, Southern Sweden. The results show that normalization and standardization of the data is rather important for both networks, especially for improving the peak flow estimation, and that the RBF network is particularly sensitive to data preprocessing.

Keywords : artificial neural networks, hydrologic modelling, multilayer perceptron, radial basis function.



A model of alternating electrical conductivity of a hard stratum

Geladze G.G. and Kereselidze Z.A.

M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics

A model of alternating electrical conductivity for the latheral-homogeneous hard stratum is proposed. Basing on this model, the analytical expression for the depth potential difference has been derived. The theoretical model can be considered as the analog of the situation when the depth isotherm ascending to the surface has some local inhomogeneity.

Keywords : hard stratum, electrical conductivity, temperature, electrical potential, isotherm.



On the equation of cavitation noise emission

Gulua Yu.K.

Sukhumi Branch of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Lighthills sound equation with regard to the stress tensor is considered. There has been derived the equation for emission of cavitation noise consisting of the sources resulting from the turbulent pulses of pressure and the presence of gas phases in water.

Keywords : cavitation noise, emission, equation.



Refinement of the models of tangential stresses by the discrimination method for oil products having anomalous rheological properties

Lomidze Yu.B. and Kiziria T.I.

Georgian Technical University

The data on the refinement of the models of tangential stresses by the discrimination method for oil products having anomalous rheological properties are presented. The discrimination criterion for some oil products having anomalous rheological properties is introduced. The rheological models were refined experimentally.

Keywords : oil products, anomalous rheological properties, tangential stress, discrimination method, model, refinement.



On the possibility of determination of the critical point of transition from the laminar regime to the turbulent one at pressure movement of anomalous oil by the method of stochastic approximation

Kiziria T.I.

Georgian Technical University

The possibility of determination of the critical point of transition from the laminar regime to the turbulent one by the method of stochastic approximation (the Robbins-Monroe method) is considered. This procedure does not need preliminary determination of the number of experiments. To a certain extent, it is an iteration procedure. The method is simple and accurate.

Keywords : anomalous oil, critical point of transition, laminar regime, turbulent regime, stochastic approximation.



The algorithm of synthesis of checking tests for combinational circuits

Kapanadze D.Sh.

Georgian Technical University

The method of synthesis of checking tests for combinational circuits is proposed. The basic aim is reduction of the circuit section to be processed at a time. The combinational circuit of an arbitrary structure can be divided into some modules. For each module, the model of activities is constructed. Packaging of the checking test for the combinational circuit is based on the iterative process of transferring the active values of input variables to the combinational circuit outputs.

Keywords: combinational circuits, checking tests, model of activity, algorithm.


COMPLEX Estimation of the quality of operation of complex hierarchical Water supply and distribution systems in the process of dispatching -coordination control

Tsikhelashvili Sh.Z., Gujabidze M.R., Tsikhelashvili Z.I., Tsikhelashvili I.Z., Dolidze A.V., Margalitadze I.N. and Mchedlidze M.G.

Georgian Technical University

There is proposed a procedure of complex estimation of the quality of operation of complex hierearchical water supply and distribution systems in the process of dispatching-coordination control. It is based on the approximation of the Harrington function of hardness, which is monotonic by priority. For the dispatching-coordination control, there is suggested the criterion scale of estimation of the qualitative state of the nonstationary process of water supply to consumers. The scale is based on consideration of registered control pressure of separate components or in aggregate. The proposed procedure is a specific tool for working out the diagnostic rules of dispatching-coordination control both under ordinary operation conditions and the conditions of automatic control.

Keywords: water supply systems, complex estimation, dispatching-coordination control, Harrington function, approximation.



Construction of the control charts of average pressures and spans for efficient control of the stable process of water supply

Tsikhelashvili Sh.Z., Tsikhelashvili I.Z. Tsikhelashvili Z.I., Giorgadze P.Sh., Gujabidze M.R.,

Metreveli G.A., Churchelauri B.G., Dolidze A.V. and Mchedlidze M.G.

Georgian Technical University

There are considered the possibilities of control and maintenance of the normal level of the nonstationary process of water supply on the basis of experimental control charts of average pressures ( ) and spans ( ) (in accordance with the Standards of Great Britain and the USA). Those charts allow the efficient control of the stable process of water supply: diagnostics of the state of the water supply in the process of operative dispatching control, its correction and, finally, improvements of the water supply process in time. The procedure of construction of the control charts of ( ) and ( ), illustrated by the chart for the water supply system of Zelenograd ( Russia), is presented. Relatively narrow boundaries by the control charts justify the efficiency of application of those charts for controlling the water supply system.

Keywords : control charts, water supply, efficient control.



The Diagnostic determinant rule of estimation of qualitative behavior of the water supply system operating on the Pumping plant - consumer principle

Tsikhelashvili Sh.Z., Tsikhelashvili I.Z., Tsikhelashvili Z.I., Giorgadze P.Sh., Gujabidze M.R.,

Metreveli G.A., Manjavidze M.A., Dolidze A.V. and Mchedlidze M.G.

Georgian Technical University

It is proposed to solve the reverse problem consisting in the fact that at first it is necessary to analyze the operation conditions of the water supply system depending on the current process of water supply of consumers and then to turn to formation of efficient combinations of switching-on of pump units. For this purpose, dispatching personnel should have at hand the diagnostic determinant rule of estimation of qualitative behavior (instrumental means of making decisions) of the water supply system for various changes in the current process of water supply of consumers and in the distribution network.

For solving this problem, the method of using the nonparametric criterion of sudden changes in the analyses of successions of the average pressure at the control points of the network is suggested.

The method is illustrated by the example of the water supply system of Zelenograd, Russia.

Keywords : water supply system, water consumption, diagnostic determinants, qualitative estimation, pressure distribution.



The Phenomenon of advective Diffusion at pollution of water streams

Namgaladze D.P. and Gurgenidze D.R.

Georgian Technical University

There is considered the phenomenon of advective diffusion at pollution of water sources, which occurs when underwater junctions of oil mains break or when oil is poured/drained from rolling stock being on the bridge. The equation of turbulent diffusion for one-dimensional and three-dimensional cases was derived.

Keywords : water streams, oil pollution, advective diffusion.



The computer with instrumental control at the end of transmission of a packet

Mikadze I.S., Arabuli N.V. and Eliauri L.Sh.

Georgian Technical University

There are presented the results of construction of a mathematical model of operation of the queuing system (for instruments, data transmission channels etc.) with failures of one type with intensity a . In the computer, a special code detecting double errors and correcting single ones was used. After detection of an error, the system is subject to repair. The repair time is a random value. If there occurs a stable failure, recalculation of the distorted packet is performed. In the case of a self-recovering failure, after recovery the system operation goes on from the interrupted packet. The time necessary for fulfilment of the task has been determined.

Keywords : computer, data transmission, queuing system, error detection, distribution function.


Methodology Aspects of the Analysis of Priority Management of Information Flows for Computer Networks

Natroshvili O.G., Robitashvili G.A., Gabashvili N.V. and Gochitashvili L.I.

Georgian Technical University

There are considered some methodological aspects of the processes of optimal distribution of the packets entering from the input interface of the commutation unit with the aim of their priority ordering and outputting via the output interface. The obtained results demonstrate that, when high-intensity flows consumer-server circulate in the network, they cause significant pulsation of the traffic. The analysis of the process of ranking allows the determination of the quality of the distribution of information flows, i.e. the determination of the optimal variant of the packet distribution in commutation units.

Keywords: computer network, information flow, commutation unit, packet distribution, methodological aspects.



Methods of Controlling the Traffic of Computer Networks under Conditions of Pulsation Caused by Information Flows of High Intensity

Robitashvili G.A., Natroshvili O.G. and Gabashvili N.V.

Georgian Technical University

There are proposed the methods of controlling the traffic pulsation with weight categories. They are based on controlling the trains using cyclic interrogation of weighting coefficients. It is demonstrated that such methods of controlling the information flows of high intensity can be realized by modern smart computers equipped with multiprogram multiprogram processors. The proposed methods justify that the distribution of the traffic using the cyclic interrogation of weighting coefficients provides more favorable conditions for optimal queuing of the traffic of any kind and improves the performance of network systems in whole.

Keywords : computer network, information flow, controlled trains, weighting coefficients, cyclic interrogation.




Murjikneli G.G., Kurtanidze G.G., Kobakhidze P.D. and Vekua T.A.

Georgian Technical University

The problems of reduction of information redundancy in modern systems of digital television broadcasting are considered. The comparative analysis of existing promising methods of effective digital coding for TV broadcasting images is presented.

Keywords: television, broadcasting, reduction of redundancy, coding methods, analysis.



Investigation of the conditions of automobile movement

on mountain road slopes

Chlachidze Z.I., Ratman A.S. and Kharitonashvili V.A.

Georgian Technical University

The data on automobile testing presented in the literature testify that the acceleration time of an automobile is measured from the moment of taking-off. At calculation of the acceleration time and the acceleration path, the starting speed of the vehicle is usually taken as equal to the critical speed in first gear, which naturally results in some error. In the present work is justified the necessity of investigation of the traction condition and development of the mathematical model of the acceleration of the automobile from dead stop with consideration of the factor of clutch slipping, which must be taken into account in the estimated performance of the automobile engine.

Keywords : automobile, starting acceleration, clutch slipping, mathematical model.



Investigation of face gearing with internal engagement

Varsimashvili R.Sh.

Georgian Technical University

The internal engagement of face gears with evolute longitudinal lines was studied. The advantages of those gears, the diagrams of gear cutting and the procedure of formation of specific features of the tools are presented. All the relevant equations were derived. Hobs were used for gear cutting.

Keywords : face gearing, internal engagement, gear cutting.

BASIC parameters of the pulse magnetization unit of the magnetic sensor controlling the movement of cars of Jig-Back aerial tramways

Laoshvili D.P. Chunashvili B.M. and Tugushi M.A.

Georgian Technical University

Scientific-Engineering Center of Electrical Power

For the system of controlling the electric drive of jig-back aerial tramways with intermediate supports, there is proposed a simple, reliable and highly accurate sensor of car movement, which is based on the principle of applying magnetic markers to the traction cable and their subtraction in the process of cable movement. The precision of controlling the sensor displacement route depends on the process of pulse magnetization, which, in its turn, directly depends on the parameters of the inductor of the unit for applying magnetic markers, the magnetic intensity of the marker on the traction cable and the sensitivity of the subtracter of magnetic markers.

The speed of traction cable movement hardly affects the measurement accuracy. This can be explained by the fact that, due to a small distance between two neighboring magnetic markers of the traction cable, the speed difference of the traction cable movement at application and subtraction of the magnetic markers is insignificant.

Keywords : jig-back aerial tramways, movement control, magnetic sensor, pulse magnetization, magnetic markers.



Some problems of reliability at designing the automatic odorizer of household gas

Chumburidze T.Z., Vepkhvadze A.N., Kekelidze N.P., Kvirkvelia B.V. and Vepkhvadze N.A.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Quantitative calculations at early stages of designing of the automatic odorizer of household gas (AHGO) allow selection of preferable versions of its design and formation of the principles of rational modes of its operation. The present work is not aimed at construction of a perfectly accurate mathematical model for description of the mentioned AHGO, as there are no reliable initial statistical data for such models. The authors have tried to utilize fully the mathematical tools of the reliability theory with considerarion of its real capabilities. The presented results are intended for engineering applications.

Keywords : automatic odorizer, household gas, reliability, designing.





Partskhaladze G. Sh ., Chkhaidze B. Sh., Dudauri T.V., Berezhiani M.G., Kalandadze N.K.

and Ugrekhelidze V.D.


National High Technology Center of Georgia


Abstract. The prospects for transformation of low potential heat by using external combustion engines, united under the term Stirling engine, are discussed. The design of such engine is described and the results of the thermodynamic analysis performed for two different working media, Freon -12 and Freon-22, are presented. The performed calculations show that for Freon -12 and Freon-22 relative efficiency h t st / h t c makes up 85.7% and 79.6%, respectively. These results enable us to conclude that the proposed design of the engine has prospects for practical applications.

Keywords: Stirling engine, working medium, Freon-12, Freon-22.




Khuntsaria L.J.

Georgian Technical University

The number of symbols corresponding to matrix redundancy and their distribution into the bit position of transform coefficients were determined. The expressions of matrix redundancy estimations for arrays of various sizes were obtained.

Keywords: digital coding, Walsh transform, matrix redundancy.


On the possibility of determination of the trajectory of the oil jet spreading in the river

Gurgenidze D.R.

Georgian Technical University

The possibility of determination of the trajectory of the oil jet spreading in the river is considered. Using some idealization, the equation of the oil jet trajectory was derived in a parametric form. Another approach based on the integration of the current line equation is also suggested. The obtained relations are estimating and are characterized by simplicity.

Keywords : oil, river, pollution, oil jet, trajectory, determination.




Tsaguria E.N., Gverdtsiteli M.I. and Gakhokidze A.R.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The chemical algorithm was considered for construction of structural models of molecules and their transformations within the scope of the quasi-ANB-matrix method. The quasi-ANB-matrix is a modified form of the ANB-matrix. The diagonal elements of the quasi-ANB-matrix are the sums of atomic numbers of chemical elements which some molecular stuctural fragments contain; nondiagonal elements are the multiplicities of chemical bonds. The quasi-ANB-matrix can be constructed on the basis of different molecular models for each molecule.

Keywords: structural models, quasi-ANB-matrix method, chemical algorithm.



Polarographic and calorimetric determination of the energy of formation of triethanolamine complexes of Z n (II), Cd (II), Pb (II)

and C u (II)


Enukidze L.G., Lezhava N.G., Japaridze J.I., Shavgulidze N.V., Gabrichidze O.A.

and Gerhardt V.


Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry

Tbilisi State Medical University

Institut fur Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik, Regensburg, Germany   Abstract : For investigation of the mechanism of formation of trieth a nolamine complexes of Zn(II), Cd (II), Pb(II) and Cu (II), there was used the Calve-type calorimeter ( Setaram) equipped with the reaction cell, designed by the authors, for measurement of the heat of mixing of two solutions. The values of heat effects of complex formation, measured by the calorimetric method, as well as the coordination numbers and the stability constants, defined by the polarographic method, provided the basis for determination of the energy of the formation of triethanolamine complexes of the abovementioned metals and, thus, of the changes in the free energy, enthalpy and entropy. As the basic driving force of the complex formation for significantly electrostatic (ionic) bonds is a great entropy increment and for significantly covalent bonds a considerable change in the enthalpy, it can be inferred that the greater is the change in the enthalpy, the more covalent are the bonds.

The analysis of the obtained data enables us to conclude:

1) The stability of the complexes grows in the line: Cd (II) <Pb (II) <Zn (II) <Cu (II).

2) During the formation of all studied complex ions, the covalent bonds prevail.

3) At formation of zinc and copper complex ions, the share of electrostatic bonds is almost an order of magnitude greater than that in comparison with cadmium and lead complex ions. This confirms the probability of formation of chelate cycles in complex ions [Zn (ten) 4] 2+ and [Cu (ten) 4] 2+.

Keywords : calorimetric cell, polarography, complex formation, triethanolamine complexes of metals.



Determination of Micro-Quantities of Gold(III) by THE Extraction-Photometric Method Using Rodamin C

Burkadze Z.K. and Matsaberidze T.G.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Micro-quantities of gold (III) were determined in natural objects (sulphide ores, copper-zinc ore, gold barite - containing concentrate and quartzite) by the extraction-photometric method using rodamin C. The accuracy of the obtained results was justified by the analysis of standard samples and the parallel analysis using the atomic adsorption method. The relative standard deviation was within 0.2-0.9.

Keywords : gold (III), microquantity, natural objects, extraction-photometric method, rodamin C.





Tsitskishvili T.K., Ukleba M.N., Samsonia A.Sh. and Samsonia N.Sh.


Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Abstract: A new way of modification of the 6-0 ketogroup of guanosine with its compounds containing phenolhydorxyl is proposed. It is shown that the fragments of the protective group of paranitrophenol at the 6-0 position of nucleoside are retained after removal of all the blocking groups in the process of oligonucleotide synthesis. For protection of hydroxyl groups of nucleotide, dimethyltertbutylsilyl groups that are resistant to the effect of both acidic and alkaline reagents were used.

Keywords : guanosine, nucleoside, modification, protective acylgroup, silylation.



Hydrosilylation Reactions of Allylic Ethers of monosaccharides with 1,3-bis(Diphenylsilyl)-2,2,4,4-tetraphenylcyclodisylazane

Sidamonidze N.N., Isakadze M.O., Janiashvili L.K. and Vardiashvili R.O.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Univesrity

The hydrosilylation of 0-allylic ethers of glucose and D-galactose with 1,3-bis(diphenylsilyl)-2,2,4,4-tetraphenylcyclodisylazane in the presence of dicobalt octacarbonyl C 2 (CO) 8 were studied. The reaction proceeded at the 2:1 molar ratio of the initial compounds at 65-70 0C for 3-3.5 hours. The structure and composition of the synthesized compounds were justified by physical-chemical methods of analysis.

Keywords: hydrosilylation, dicobalt octacarbonyl, allylic ethers, monosaccharides.



Solvent dyes - Markers for petroleum FUELS:

Synthesis and Application


Elizbarashvili E.N., Lagvilava I.V., Talakhadze K.J. and Chirakadze G.G.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract . New solvent dyes of aniline and anthrapyridone series were synthesized under the conditions of phase transfer catalysis. On the basis of those dyes, the dyeing compositions were prepared for marking various oil products with the purpose of their trustworthy taxation.

Keywords : solvent dyes, oil products, marking.


AlkaliNE-earth metals in Borjomi mineral waterS

Khargelia R.G., Gvakharia V.G., Gabechava J.Sh. and Girgvliani D.A.

Gamma Research Company

A. Janelidze Institute of Geology

The chemical composition of the mineral water form the Borjomi Deposit (Georgia) was studied. The detailed analysis of chemical monitoring data for last ten years in regard to alkaline-earth metal concentrations was carried out. The seasonal and long-term stability of the monitored parameters is evaluated. According to our survey alkaline-earth metal contents for each borehole of the Borjomi Mineral Water Deposit is stable, and the variation of the parameters from average values does not exceed 20%. The conclusion is made that the concentrations of alkaline-earth metals in different areas of the Borjomi Deposit are specific and depend on geological features of the deposit areas.

Keywords : alkaline-earth metals, chemical analysis, mineral water, hydrogeology, parameter variation.



DEvelopment of the procedures of production of high-quality cognac spirits

Tugushi D.I., Abzianidze D.A., Katsitadze M.G., Khositashvili M.L. and Asashvili T.Sh.

Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-Making .

There are presented new procedures of production of cognac spirits using yeast biomass in viticulture micro-zones of Georgia (Gurjaani-Chandari and Kvareli-Shilda). The procedures involve the treatment of the wort for cognac wine materials with pectolitic enzyme complex Inozyme. The chemical composition and organoleptic indices of testing and reference cognac spirits were determined. It is demonstrated that the cognac spirits produced by using yeast biomass hardly differ from common ones in organoleptic indices. The use of the yeast biomass gives better economical indices.

Keywords : cognac spirit, production process, procedures.


Comparative Characterization of Wine Materials Produced from grapes Khikhvi, rkatsiteli and Kakhuri Mtsvane

Glonti T.A. and Buishvili G.T

Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-Making

Absorbtion spectra of wine materials of Khikhvi grapes from Kardenakhi and Ruispiri microzones differ from the absorbtion spectrum of the wine material from the Kardenakhi micro-zone according to seperate regions (420 cm -1). However, there is obvious similarity in common qualitative characteristics of the spectra (1060 cm -1; 1270 cm -1; 1650 cm -1; 2380 cm -1; 3200-3700 cm -1) .

The absorbtion spectrum of Khikhvi from Kardenakhi is almost identical to that of the wine materials produced from the sepage of Rkatsiteli plus Kakhuri Mtsvane (15%).

Unlike the wine material of Rkatsiteli, the Kikhvi sample is characterized by increased absorbtion peaks of aromatic compounds (1650 cm -1) as well as aminoacids, spirits and sugar hydroxyls (3420-3430 cm -1), which points to quantitative and possible qualitative changes and affects the formation of typical aroma taste of the wine material of Khikhvi.

Keywords: wine materials, grapes, IR spectra.




Uturashvili E.A., Alania Z.T, Kupatadze I.V. and Moistsrapishvili L.M.

Research Institute of Food Industry

The results of the extraction and investigation of cellular natural and concentrated juices from tarragon are presented. It is demonstrated that the tarragon and the products of its processing contain nutrituous substances (tanning and dyeing substances, vitamin C, ethereal oils etc.) in rather large amounts. It is recommended to use the tarragon juice as a food aromatizant and to use its pomace for production of ethereal oils or dry spices.

Keywords: tarragon, cellular juice, ethereal oils, food aromatizant.



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