Kotiya B.A.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract The quantum theory of dynamic systems and the derivation of general evolutional equations for correlation functions is considered. New exact quantum evolution equations for double-time equilibrium correlation functions (Green : functions) of a small subsystem interacting with a thermostat (boson field) is obtained with the help of Liouville superoperator formalism and the projection operator method. The random phase approximation (RPA) (the product type distribution) is not used at the derivation of these equations. At deriving these equations, the boson amplitude elimination technique plays an essential role. In the second-order perturbation theory of the subsystem interacting with a thermostat, Markovian-type evolutional (kinetic) equations for the correlation functions with eliminated amplitudes of the boson field which consists of evolutional terms of initial correlations have been found.

Application of the derived exact general evolutional equations for double-time equilibrium correlation functions to the electron-phonon system in different polaron models, is also discussed.

Keywords: correlation functions, Liouville superoperator formalism, electron-phonon system.





Kevanishvili G.Sh., Kotetishvili K.V. and Kevanishvili I.G.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. There is presented a new approximate formula of distribution of the surface axial current of the dipole for the case when the relation between dipole length h and wavelength ? of the dipole satisfies condition . The formula is well suited for numerical calculations. Its effectivness is demonstrated by the particular example.

Keywords: dipole, current distribution, calculation formula.


Auger-Spectroscopic and SEM Investigations of Scale Formation at High Temperature Oxidation of F e -Cr -Al -La Alloy with High (>40%) Chromium Content


Kutelia E.R., Tsurtsumia O.O., Eristavi B.G., Mikadze O.I. and Bulia B.P.


Republic Center for Structure Researches, Georgian Technical University


Abstract. Complex investigations on the early stages of oxide scale formation on the surface of Fe-Cr-Al-La alloy with high (>40%) chromium content were carried out by the methods of Auger Electron Spectrometry (AES) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The morphology, and chemical and phase compositions of oxide layers were studied on flat, mechanically polished surfaces of plate samples after high-temperature oxidation on the air at 1100 0C, 1200 0C, 1300 0C and 1400 ÎŃ. The soaking time at the mentioned temperatures was varied cyclically from 1 to 10 hours (1+4+5). It was established that the scale structure with the most distinct contours of modulation was formed at 1200 ÎŃ for the first hours of oxidation and it remained stable for a long time (>10h) both by thickness and by the fine structure of the scale. Thus, the specific feature of the scale is its structure as a mixture of Al 2Î 3 ?and ?Cr 2Î 3 nanocrystallites (?500nm) ? ?and also of complex oxide FeO(Cr 2O 3, Al 2Î 3).

Keywords : Auger electron spectroscopy, nanocrystallites, oxidation, Fe-Cr-Al-La alloy, alumina scale, chromia scale.



A Model of Plasma Density Variation near the Critical Point

of the Earth’s Magnetosphere


Kereselidze Z.A., Ghurtskaya N.G. and Kurashvili G.A.


M. Nodia Geophysics Institute

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Abstract. The problem of a gas-dynamic flow around the magnetosphere is considered in terms of the kinematic approximation taking into account the effect of solar wind plasma compressibility. A modification of the well-known model of the plasma flow having high, but finite, electrical conductivity is used. The simplifying assumptions allow the consideration only of the dynamic part of magnetohydrodynamic equations representing the flow around the magnetosphere. In particular, there is solved the equation for the medium density, for which, in the scope of the employed kinematic model of the flow rate, the analytical solution limited at the critical point and the odeling distribution of the plasma density in the magnetosheath were obtained. This solution has a specific feasture lying in the appearence of the layer of zero density, which gradually moves away from the surface flown around as it recedes from the critical point.

Ęeywords: magnetosphere, magnetosheath, critical point, solar wind, plasma density.



ON SOme specific features oF the thermodynamics of macroscopic quantum phenomena

Bablidze R.A.

Georgian Technical University

The specific features of phase transformations in liquid helium and superconductors of the I st and II nd kinds are considered. In the presence of a magnetic field, the n s phase trasnsformation in the superconductor of the I st kind degenerates from the phase transformation of the II nd kind into the phase transformation of the I st kind.The analogy between semiconductors of the II nd kind and rotating superfiuid helium is drawn on.

It is demonstrated that, in the rotation of HeII, there are two angular rates W c1 and W c2 similarly to critical magnetic fields H c1 and H c2. It has has been established that, in rotating HeII, phase trasnsformation HeI HeII remains the phase transformation of the I st kind.

Keywords: thermodynamics, quantum phenomena, phase transformations, liquid helium, superconductors.





Dadunashvili S.A.

Georgian Technical University

It is shown, that, for representation of any phenomenon, its consideration as oppositions <existence - alter existence> and <ideal - real> is necessary. The coordinate system reflecting these oppositions is suggested. By using this coordinate system, the expansion of artificial intellect is considered.

Keywords : information phenomena, artificial intellect, coordinate system.


Optimum methods for distribution of information flows of high intensity in the network


Natroshvili O.G.,Gochitashvili L.I., Gabashvili N.V. and Robitashvili G.A.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract. There are suggested optimum methods for distribution of high-intensity information flows in the computer network, These methods allow increasing the efficiency of network services at operation in the “demand/answer“ mode.

Keywords: computer networks, information flows, distribution, optimum methods.




Mikadze I.S., Arabuli N.V. and Eliauri L.Sh.

Georgian Technical University

The mathematical model of operation of the queueing system (instruments, data transmission channels etc.) with two types of failures of the ? and ? intensity was constructed. The first type of failures is stable, and the second one is self-correcting. A special code detecting the double errors and correcting the single ones was used in the computer. After detection of the error, the repair is to be performed. The repair time is a random value. When the stable failure occurs, the faulty step is recalculated. In the case of the self-correcting failure, after recovery the operation goes on from the point of interruption.

Keywords : computer, queueing system, continuous control, error detection, error correction.





Tutunjyan N.A., Sakharova T.B., Ribalko I.E. and Tutunjyan A.A.


RPC Electron Technology, Tbilisi State University


Abstract. Technological processes of via-hole etching through GaAs substrates for fabrication of monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) are studied and developed. Backside via-hole etching of the wafer thinned to about 100?m was performed using wet etching in the solution H 3PO 4:H 2O 2:H 2O specially selected for this purpose. The 7?m-thick AZ4562 photo resist served as a mask. As a result of the investigation, the etching time was established, ? 30-40-?m circular holes with smooth surface morphology and profile of 60-70 o were etched on the backside of pads. Compatibility of the developed technology with the possibility to obtain a high-quality metal coatingonthe wafer backside is shown.

Keywords: gallium arsenide, via-holes, wet etching.



Thermodynamics of the BioGeothermal Power Plant


Jamarjashvili V.A., Arabidze N.T. and Arabidze G.O.


Georgian Technical University


Abstract . Generation of electricity by means of renewable sources needs further improvement for economic effectiveness based on new decisions. The combined ue of renewable sources is one of the options.

Tn one present work, the combined use of thermodynamics of geothermal and biomass energies is discussed. For economic effectiveness of electrical power production from low temperature geothermal water, it is necessary to raise the potential of geothermal water by means of additional heat. Biomass has some advantages over solar energy. It enables us to generate heat energy of a constant value for a given period, which ensures complete consumption of basic geothermal energy.

There is presented the schematic diagram of the Biogeothermal Power Plant and the corresponding thermodynamic cycle in the T,S coordinates. The calculation formula for steam-liquid real cycle absolute efficiency is given, according to which the value of efficiency for given T 1m and T 1 only depends on T 1. The thermodynamic analysis was carried out for Q 1=const (T 1m=const), T 2=const and T 1=var, which, as far as we know, has not been discussed in scientific literature.

The conclusion was made that, when additional heat energy (biomass or biogas) and geothermal water potential values are uniform, for the given operating body (water, Freon 113 and Freon 318), the optimal cycle for the Bio geothermal Power Plant is Renkin’s limited triangle cycle (X o=0).

Keywords: renewable sources of energy, geothermal heat, biomass, thermodynamic cycle, economic effectiveness, combined use of renewable sources.



on the algorithm of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for application in Dam monitoring


Vazinram F., Safi M., Rasti R., Mammadov A. and Margalitadze Iu.


Power & Water Institute of Technology, PWIT, Tehran, Iran

International Ecoenergy Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan

Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia


Abstract . In this paper the application of ANN in the simulation of the structural behavior of large concrete dams is considered. The field data of pendulums of a large dam in Iran for several years were employed to construct the neural network. The network was then used to predict and simulate the dam behavior. The results were compared with the target field data and showed good accuracy and adaptation to them. Due to the high flexibility and simplicity and diverse fields of application, this study has shown that such tools can work well as a complementary tool for dam monitoring and instrumentation.

Keywords : neural networks, algorithm, dam, monitoring.





Aronishidze M.N., Chanishvili A.G., Chilaya G.S., Petriashvili G.Sh.,

Tavzarashvili S.P. and Tevdorashvili K.G.


Institute of Cybernetics

Abstract . A photooptic effect in a luminescent dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal ( Ń LC) mixture was observed. Under a focused laser beam, a transition from the transparent planar structure into a scattering focal conic one takes place. Without external influence, both structures remain unchanged for an unlimited period. The reading of the recorded information is possible by both transmitted and reflected light. A permanent grating with the period of 3 m m was obtained using the common holographic technology.

Keywords: cholesteric liquid crystal, luminescent dye, optical information recording.





Miminoshvili E.B., Miminoshvili K.E., Beridze L.A., Zazashvili S.R. and Beridze N.A.

Georgian Technical University

Tbilisi State Medical University

There is presented the structure of compound Ni(en) 2 (p-AB) 2 6H 2O, where en is 1,2-diaminoethane (ethylenediamine C 2H 8N 2); p-AB is p-aminobenzoate (C 7H 6NO 2) (a=8.406(7); b=24.931 (10); c=6.534 (4)A; ?=96.30(3) 0; P2 1/n; Z=2; R(F)=0.0622). The compound consists of complex cations [Ni(en) 2(OH 2) 2] 2+, p–aminobenzoate anions and water molecules. The lengths and angles corresponding to hydrogen bonds were established.

Keywords : complex compounds, structure analysis, transition metals, ethylenediamines, aminobenzoates.



Determination of the isotopic composition of hydrogen

in the layers of hailstones

Kaviladze M.Sh., Kviraia M.S., Sikharulidze M.R., Jokhadze N.A., Khabuliani K.I.,

Tsagurishvili L.B., Basilashvili M.I. and Natsvlishvili G.V.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

A precision mass-spectrometric method for the study of isotopic variations of hydrogen is suggested. The method is highly accurate and allows the investigation even of microvolumetric samples. For its realization, some changes were made in the design of the ion source, the detector of a commercial mass-spectrometer and the system of introduction of the sample.

The dependence of relation on the design of the ion source and its parameters was studied. The isotopic analysis of hailstones in layers was performed. The obtained data have appeared to be essential for the study of physical conditions of the growth and vertical movements of separate hailstones, which is very important for development of the general theory of the hail formation processes.

Keywords : hail, layers of hailstones, hydrogen, isotopic composition, mass-spectrometry.



THE StruCture and complex-forming ability of the metanitrobenzaldehyde Benzoylhydrazone (MNBABH) Molecule

Tsintsadze M.G., Tsivtsivadze T.N., Sharia I.R., Tsintsadze G.V., Chanturia M.M. and Dolidze Ts.G.

Georgian Technical University

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Uviversity

The quantum-chemical investigation of the complex-forming ability and electronic structure of the metanitrobenzaldehyde benzoylhydrazone (MNBABH) molecule has been carried out using semiempirical quantum-chemical method AM1.

Keywords: metanitrobenzaldehyde benzoylhydrazone, quantum-chemical investigation.



Preparation of new anticoagulant compounds

Buzariashvili M.S., Tsitsagi M.V., Chaganava N.T, Mikadze I.I. and Dolidze A.V.

P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry

The synthesis of 4-hydroxycumarin on the base of methyl ether of acetylsalicylic acid was performed in undecane, which provided optimum conditions of the reaction. The reaction proceeded at 165-175 0C. At this temperature, the product yield is maximum (85%). Instead of undecane, the paraffin fraction of oil can be used. The latter solvent gives the same high yield of the product, and, at the same time, it is cheaper than undecane. For improvement of anticoagulant properties of 4-hydroxycumarin, it was condensed with benzene thiosemi­carbazone with the product yield of 66%.

Keywords : anticoagulant, 4-hydroxycumarin, benzene thiosemicarbazone, condensation.




Gigauri R.D., Amirkhanashvili D.G., Chachava G.N. and Metreveli J.P.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

It is demonstrated that the products of the reaction between (C 6H 5) AsR and BrCH 2COOH are quarternary arsonium salts [(C 6H 5) 2As(R)CH 2COOH]Br, where R=C 3H 7(a); iso–C 3H 7(b); C 4H 9(c); iso–C 4H 9(d); C 5H 11(e); iso-C 5H 11(f); CH 3OC 6H 4(g). The composition and structure of the synthesized bromides of carbo­xyl­methylenediphenylalkyl (aryl) arsonia (a-g) were determined by chemical analyses, IR spectroscopy and molecular conductometry.

Keywords : diphenyl alkyl (aryl) arsines, alkylation, bromoacetic acid.



SYNTHESIS and investigation of complex compounds of Tetrathioantimonates (V) of some laNthanoids with 2,2? dipyridil

Kopaleishvili M.T., Rusia M.Sh., Kokhreidze M.K., Injgia M.D. and Gigauri R.D.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The possibility of synthesis of complexes of tetrathioantimonates (V) of some lanthanoids with 2,2?-dipyridil was studied. The reactions between the ligand and the synthesized antimonates (V) of f-metals proceeded under different conditions. However, there were not isolated chemically pure products as, evidently, the reactions did not go to completion because of heterogeneity of the process. After changing the reaction conditions, dipyridilates of soluble lanthanoid salts were synthesized in aqueous-alcoholic solutions.Then, without their isolation in pure forms, they were treated with aqueous solutions of sodium tetrathioantionate (V) in equivalent amounts till precipitation of fine-crystalline substances of various colors. By the analysis, it was established that the precipitated solid phase was the product of exchange between sodium tetrathioantimonate (V) and dipyridilates of the corresponding f-elements (III). The reactions of formation of the desired products were specified. The composition and the structure of the synthesized compounds were determined by various methods. In the experimental section, there are presented the data on the isolation of initial lanthanoid salts, the loading of initial substances and the yield of desired products.

Keywords : lanthanoids, 2,2?-dipyridil, tetrathioantimonate (V), synthesis, complexes.



Investigation of the Triisoamyl arsenate formation kinetics at the excess of isoamyl Alcohol

Chanchibadze Kh.T., Bezarashvili G.S., Rusia M.Sh., Sulaberidze K.T., Dzotsenidze Z.G., Gigauri R.D. and Giuashvili I.I.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The rate of chemical reaction of arsenic anhydride with isoamyl alcohol has been studied by means of a simple distillation procedure. Basing on the experimental data, the change in the As 2O 5 transformation degree was calculated. “Differential” and “integral” methods were used for statistical processing of the experimental data. There was derived a specific kinetic equation describing the dependence of the degree of solid phase conversion on time under the given experiment conditions. The adequacy of the equation in relation to the experimental data was tested.

Keywords: kinetics, arsenic anhydride, triisoamyl arsenate, differential and integral methods.



On a new possibility of synthesis of sodium tetrathioarsenate (V)

Gigauri R.D., Chirikashvili M.G., Seinishvili O.N., Magalashvili G.Z., Gigauri N.Sh. and Jioshvili B.D.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The hydrochemical interaction between sodium tetrasulfide and realgar was investigated. It is shown that, in this case, there proceeds the redox reaction, and the products of the reaction are sodium tetrathioarsenate (V) and elementary sulfur. The reaction completes without the release of the latter if the process proceeds in the solution of sodium sulfide of the equivalent amount. Similar results are obtained if the reaction proceeds in the solution of sodium hydroxide preliminarily saturated with gaseous hydrogen sulfide. The formation of sodium tetrathioarsenate (V) was proved by the semireaction method and derived equations.

Keywords : sodium tetrathioarsenate, elementary sulfur, redox reaction.



Some problems of synthesis of 2-(1-Naphthylmethyl) imidazoline (Naphthizin)

Kavtaradze N.A., Dolidze L.A., Kiriakidi A.V., Khachidze M.M., Mtskhvetadze L.G. and Jinikashvili I.V.

P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry

The process of synthesis of 2-(1-naphthylmethyl) imidazoline has been studied. It was revealed that the existence of admixtures of double-base naphthalene acids (mainly naphthalene-1,5-diacetic acid) in the initial 1-naphthylacetic acid causes the formation of resinous matters and affects the yield of 1-naphthylmethyl imidazoline. Their removal from the reaction mixture is possible if the Millipore filters are used. The increase of target product yield, as well as the improvement of its quality, is possible in the process of closing of the imidazoline cycle provided there is kept the molar ratio of the reagents, and hardening of the reaction media is avoided at the moment of mixing.

Keywords : vasoconstrictor, naphthizin, 2-(1-naphthylmethyl)-2-imidazoline, synthesis.



Electrochemical investigation of metalocomplexes with organic ligands used in medicine

Gabrichidze O.A. and Tskhadadze M.A.

Tbilisi State Medical University

There was investigated the complex formation of some metals with derivatives of monopyridincarboxylic acids, particularly, with nicotinamide (NA), diethylnicotinamide (DENA) and isonicotinhydrazide (INH) in water, water-methanol and water-ethanol solutions. Since the abovementioned ligands represent weak bases and form relatively instable complexes with metal ions, for investigation of such compounds we used a potentiometric variant with competitive reactions. Due to this method were defined stepwise constants of stability of complex compounds of nickel (II) and cobalt (II).

For studying the complex formation of nitrates of copper (II), lead (II), cadmium and zinc, potentiometric measurements were carried out.

On the bases of the calculated data was revealed the change of stability of the complexes in dependence on the solvent; particularly, in ethanol this parameter was higher than in methanol and, moreover, in water. According to our assumption, this fact is associated with differences in the values of dielectric permeability of protonic solvents and energy of solvation of ligands in these solvents.

Keywords : nicotinamide, diethylnicotinamide, isonicotinhydrazide, complexes, stability constant.





Chkhaidze M.Sh., Tsitsagi M.V., Kvartskhava G.R., Mikadze I.I. and Dolidze A.V.

P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry

From the Georgian vegetable raw material - the eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globules L), there was extracted the volalile oil consisting mainly of cineole (to 70%) and ?-pinene (to 16 %). For this purpose, supercritical carbon dioxide was used. After purification, by oxidation of cineole, there was obtained methylheptenone, representing a block-syntone of the juvenoid. By oxidation of ?-pinene, there were formed the compounds representing effective attractants of cockroaches. As a result of subsequent transformations of ?-pinene, there was obtained cis-verbenol representing a component of the pheromone of the eight-toothed bark beetle.

Keywords : biologically active substances, vegetable raw material, block-syntones, cineole, ?-pinene, methylheptenone.




The study ofM n (II), Cu (II) and Ni (II) complexes with 4-(2-Pyridylazo) Resorcinol in non-aqueous solutions

Supatashvili G.D., Kakabadze E.G. and Grigalashvili K.N.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The complexes of Mn(II), Cu(II) and Ni(II) with 4-(2-Pyridylazo) Resorcinol in aqueous-ethanol and ethanol-chloroform solutions were studied. It was established that, in ethanol solutions, Mn(II) (pH=9.5-10.5); Cu(II) (pH=1.5-3.5) in the (H 2SO 4) solution and Ni(II) (pH=4.0-5.0) form different ligand complexes - triple heteropoly complexes. The complex of Ni(II) was extracted with CHCl 3.

The maximum of absorption of the Mn-PAR-ethanol complex is equal to l max =500-505 nm; that of the Cu complex is equal to l max =540-545 nm. But the maximum of absorption of the Ni(II) associate complex in aqueous-ethanol and ethanol-CHCl 3 solutions is 520-530 nm. The molar extinction coefficients are equal to =5.2·10 4; =1.13·10 -4; =2.4·10 4.

The light absorption laws are obeyed at the following concentrations: 1-12 m g Mn/10 ml; 5-10 m g Cu/25 ml and 2-25 m g Ni/10 ml.

Keywords: manganese (II), nickel (II), copper (II), pyridylazo-resorcinol complexes, nonaqueous solutions.



Arsenic in the vegetable food products of Georgia

Dughashvili D.T., Loria N.V. and Supatashvili G.D.

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

The content of arsenic in vegetable food products of Georgia was studied. According to the obtained results, a low content of arsenic (<0.2-0.3mg/kg) is characteristic of corn, French beans, citruses etc. The content of arsenic is higher in cornel, mushrooms and, especially, capsicum (>0.5 mg/kg). High contents of arsenic (0.1-34.4mg/kg), which often exceeded the admissible limits, were found in some vegetables from the Valley of the River Lukhuni (Western Georgia).

Keywords : arsenic, content, vegetables.




Japaridze Sh. M., Japaridze M.Sh. and Mujiri L.A.

Georgian State Agrarian University

Vermouths are mainly produced from spicy-aromatic plants growing in different countries and regions. However, in spite of the achieved success and important activities carried out in this sphere, many issues need to be further analyzed and studied. The aim of the work was to create new brands of Vermouth-type wines by using berry extracts and to improve their chemical-technologic indicators. The objects of the research were spicy-aromatic plants: Artemisia caucasia Wild, Artemisia vulgaris, Artemisia salina var.citriodora Kazakew, Artemisia Gratissimum, Achillea milleofolium, Achilea setacea, Salvia officinalis, Pelargonium rozeum Ait., Mentha piperita, Mellisa officinalis, Ocimum gratissimum, Nepeta cataria, Erigeron Canadensis and Tagetas patula. The following berries were also used: Hippophae rhamnoides, Rubus caesius, Vacciniummyrtillus, sabmucus ebulus, Ribes, Rubus idaeus, Viburnum opulus and Sorbuscaucasigena KOm. Optimal conditions for producing extracts from spicy-aromatic plants and berries were developed. Vermouths are produced by using wine-bases of different kinds of grapes – Rkatsiteli, Tsolikauri and Tsitska. The best results were obtained from the Vermouths produced with the spicy-aromatic plants and berry extracts.

Keywords : wines, vermouth, basic indicators, perfection, berry extracts.



Study of ous endogen complex biopolymers and application of various sorbents for wine stabilization

Kokiashvili G.V. Mamardashvili N.G. and Mudjiri L.A.

Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-Making

As experimental data have showed, endogenous complex biopolymers of wine are protein-phenol-lipo-polisaccharide complexes. For prevention of turbidity caused by those substances, there were chosen various sorbents and their compositions. The besieging effect of the sorbent composition is proportional to the concentration of wine biopolymers. The study of the optimum concentration and precipitation kinetics of the abovementioned composition has shown that the optimum parameters for precipitation of 1 g/dm 3 of the substances is the use of 1.14g/dm 3 of the precipitation composition for 5 days.

Keywords : wine, biopolymers, sorbents, precipitation.



PhenolIC Substances in Dry Table PINK Wines Prepared by Using Different Technological Methods

Ebelashvili N.V. and Jorjikia N.G.

Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-Making

It was determined that in the samples of dry table wines prepared by the method involving the freshly pressed pomace of the variety of red grapes Saperavi, the content of anthocyans, carbophenolic acids and phenolic aldehydes is more than in the samples prepared by the methods involving the fermented pomace of Saperavi.

Keywords : pink wines, phenolic substances.



The effect Of the Use of Specific Technological Methods On PINK Mistel Organic Acids

Ebelashvili N.V.

Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-Making

It is determined that the samples of pink mistels which were prepared by using the technological method of adding the must of Saperavi to the freshly pressed pomace of Rkatsiteli. The samples were then heated at 50 0C, cooled, pressed and spirited. It is shown that the samples prepared under the mentioned conditions contain larger amounts of titrated acids and tartaric acid than the samples prepared using the same technology which involves keeping of the same must for a period of 12 hours, and then, its pressing and spiriting.

Keywords: pink wines, mistel, organic acids.



Application of the asynchronous short-circuit electric drive with frequency control in Jig-Back aerial tramways

Laoshvili D.P., Chunashvili B.M. and Tugushi M.A.

Georgian Technical University

Scientific-Engineering Center of Electrical Power

It is demonstrated that application of direct current electric drives in jig-back aerial tramways (JBAT) is caused by the dynamic property of the mobile mechanical part of the electric drive. It is suggested that the asynchronous short-circuit electric drive with frequency control should be used instead of the direct current electric drives. It has been established that application of the asynchronous short-circuit drive with frequency control in the JBAT allows improvement of the dynamic properties due to its high speed of response and high overload capacity.

Keywords : aerial tramway, asynchronous short-ciraut electric drive, frequency control.



On the issue of defining the coefficient of reliability of mining machines

Mikadze I.S. and Gurjidze A.N.

Georgian Technical University

There is considered a possibility of defining the coefficient of reliability of a duplicate system of mining machines. In this case the time taken to repair the faulty machine and to switch to the duplicate mode is a random value distributed by the arbitrary law. There were derived analytical relations allowing determination of the reliability function in terms of the Laplace transform, including the stationary value of the reliability function (the coefficient of availability).

Keywords: mining machines, reliability, availability, duplicate system.



Reliability of mechanical Support of the equipment of the stoping face of mines

Gurjidze A.N. and Mikadze Z.I.

Georgian Technical University

There is considered hardware redundancy for the equipment of the stoping fase of mines using the method of redundancy for the elements connected in parallel. There are presented analytical dependences of the probability that the group of support sections contains some faulty sections; the group is under repair with faulty secrtions; the group is under repair without taking into account that state. There are also given mathematical expressions for the function of availability and the coefficient of reliability.

Keywords: mines, stoping face, equipment, mechanical supports, reliability, analytical dependences.


The effect of High- frequency power electromagnetic (Microwave) radiation on the reliability of modern Telecommunication networks

Bochikashvili P. N., Vekua T. A. and Jokhadze P. D.

Georgian Technical University

There is discussed the effect of high-frequency (microwave) radiation on semiconductor internal structures of integrated circuit elements which are used to construct telecommunication network key units. The obtained results can be taken into account for the purpose of increasing the network performance reliability.

Keywords: high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, telecommunication network, reliability.




Tsetskhladze D.A. and Gegenava R.E.

Batumi State Marine Academy

There are considered the problems concerning the effect of environment conditions on economic indices of the ship engine, in particular, the effect of the changes in ambient air properties on the thermodynamic characteristics of engine cylinders with and without air cooling. There is given the formula determining the connection of the environment conditions with the efficient and economic indices of the engine. Revealing of the essence of the effect of environment conditions on the engine indices and determination of its qualitative regularities is though an important step, but only the first one, on the way of solving the problem completely. The final goal of the study of the effect of nonstandard environment conditions on the engine is the qualitative estimation of this effect allowing the determination of admissible operating modes. The solution of this part of the problem presents significant difficulties, though it is of the primary practical interest.

Keywords: ship engine, operation mode, environment conditions.




Jijavadze O.A., Tsetskhladze D.A. and Gegenava R.E.

Batumi State Marine Academy

Because of forced failures of the main ship engine (ME), sometimes they have to run it with a switched-off cylinder. Thus, it is essential to control the load and, mainly, to specify the operating power ensuring steerability of a ship under the conditions of strong wind and rough sea without overloading of the ME in respect to heat. Besides knowingthe operational power of the ME, it is necessary to be aware of the heat density of the cylinder-piston group and the working condition of the ME at the specified operational power under different circumstances of navigation, i.e. to control its admissible value ensuring the reliable operation of the ME. In the present work, the problem of determination of the loading mode of the main ship engine ensuring its reliable operation under nonstandard conditions is solved. There are given the recommendations on the estimation of the ME power by the empirical relation.

Keywords: ship engine, operating power, heat density, loading, adverse conditions.





Zotov V.D, Bolotov Yu.K., Zotov M.V., Kutasov I.A. and Makhviladze K.L.

Interbiotech Scientific–Production Association, Rostov-upon-Don, Russia

Structural features of the flat steel jack for lifting and levelling of buildings are considered. It is demonstrated that, after formation of the break-off line, the pressure in the system must be increased gradually by 15% in order to maintain the constant pressure developed by the jack. The peculiarities of building levelling by stages are considered. The experiments have demonstrated that the changes in the contact area of the jack at inflation are of a linear character. The changes in the torus geometry, represented by two curves with the corresponding radii, are considered. This points to the fact that the inflation of the jack is accompanied only by the torus geometry. A model series of flat steel jacks is presented. Their general views and cross-sections are shown. Having such a series of jacks, it is relatively easy to achieve the equality of external forces developed by the jacks installed under the building.

Keywords : levelling of buildings, steel jacks, model series.



The procedure of building the model for operative forecast of monthly water consumption using the method of exponential smoothing

Grigolishvili A.R., Tsikhelashvili Sh. Z. and Tsikhelashvili I. Z.

Georgian Technical University

There is presented the analysis of specific features of variations in monthly water consumption of water supply systems. It is demonstrated, that the method of exponential smoothing can be used as a model of operative forecast of the water consumption volume. In the study, probability methods and harmonical analysis were considered as alternatives, but they were rejected, because they were incapable to account for the continuity of time.

There is suggested the procedure of building the model for operative forecast of monthly water consumption. The model takes into account the effect of seasonal variations in water consumption during the retrospective period and is based on the method of exponential smoothing. The constructed model is sensitive to the tendency for an increase (or a decrease) in the seasonal variation of monthly water consumption with the 95% reliability. Thus, this model can be recommended for operative forecast of monthly water consumption in real water supply systems.

Keywords : water consumption, operative forecast, model, method of exponential smoothing.



Application of RS and GIS to determine flood zone mapping in the Damavand River, Iran


Mammadov A., Tabatabai M.R.M., Razavi A. and Margalitadze Iu.


International Ecoenergy Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan

Power and Water Institute of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia


Abstract. Determination of flood zone mapping by using RS and GIS is the subject of the research carried out in the reach of the Damavand River. The objectives of this study were generation of the digital elevation model and development of the method by which flood water propagation is to be evaluated. In this research, HEC-HMS was applied to estimate flood hydrographs in eight sub-catchments of the river.

Two data sets were used.

The maps of land use, the land cover and the vegetation density were also provided by using RS. Then, the digital elevation model (DEM) and the slope maps for sub-catchments were generated in the GIS, As a result, the map of the SCS curve number was obtained. HEC-HMS was applied to estimate flood hydrographs at the outfall of the catchments. The outputs from HEC-HMS were used to estimate the water surface elevation in MIKE 11.

In the end, the generated DEM and the maximum water surface elevation along the river profile were applied to determination of the flood zone mapping for different flood return periods.

Keywords : flood zone, mapping, catchment, flood hydrograph, geoinformation system.



THE effect of ultrasonic welding on the artifical fur durability

Dolidze N.A. and Petriashvili N.G.

N.Muskhelishvili Kutaisi State Technical University

Ultrasonic welding as a method of production of clothes from artificial fur is considered. For investigation of the processes proceeding at the contact boundary at ultrasonic welding of artificial fur the method of spectroscopy was used. The analysis of the investigation results by IR spectroscopy has shown that, in artificial fur, as a result of the ultrasound action, occur compound physico-chemical changes which cause partial destruction and, thus, the decrease in the durability of the welded joint.

Keywords : ultrasonic welding, artificial fur, durability.




Khvedelidze M.A.

Institute of Cybernetics

Georgian Engineering Academy

International Informatization Academy

There is considered historically the advancement of science in accordance with the dialectical law of the conflict of opposites and the duality of polar–pair properties of matter, and the cognition of new information about the surrounding world. Just that complex consideration allowed the establishment of the fundamental science advancement regularity. Numerous results obtained by the author in this field from the standpoint of the concept of energoinformational duality (CEID) are presented.

Keywords: matter, polar–pair properties, energoinformational duality.



Khvedelidze M.A.

Institute of Cybernetics

Georgian Engineering Academy

International Informatization Academy

The author united the regularities of matter states in the following sequence: the “trinity” of quarks, the duality of “wave – particle”, the duality of energoinformation, and the “trinity” of the quantities of energetic, informational and complex converters of energoinformation themselves, which take place in the mechanism of photosynthesis. It is demonstrated that all those states of matter obey the global cyclic regularity of formation of the known structural levels of matter.

Keywords: matter, state, cyclic regularity, structural levels.