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On One Representation Of General Solutions For Electroelasticity Equations In The Cartesian Coordinate System

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Electric Elasticity Equilibrium Of A Thick Piezoceramic Plate

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Carrying Capacity Estimation Of A Sloping Composite Shell

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Adaptive Vibration Damping In Industrial Systems

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The Problem Of Robustness In Quantitative Model -Based Fault Diagnosis Of Engineering Systems

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Mathematical Model Of Load Transport And Littoral Drift

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Formation Of One-Net Shells By Isometric Transformation

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Influence Of Reactive Tangential Tensions On Small-Depression Tunnel Basements

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Investigation Of Magnolia And Cocculus Growing In Batumi Botanical Gardens On The Content Of Alkaloids And Phenolic Compounds

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Investigation Of A Possibility Of Using The Pollen As An Activator Of Alcoholic Fermentation Of A Water-Honey Solution

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About The Aircraft Polar

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On Evaluation Of Artificial Lung Ventilation Adequacy

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Stay Cableway Carriage Movement Trajectory Analysis

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Analytical Principles Of Organizing The Reconstruction Design Of Deformed Domestic Buildings Dangerous To Use

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Resonance In Living Systems As An Index Of The Value Of Energy And Information Reception

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On The Problem Of Application Of Bioenergography In Medicine

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On The Effect Of Advertising On The Realization Of Information Products

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On The Problem Of Machinery And Technology Introduction Management With Account Of Ecological Requirements

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New Deformylation Reaction Of 2-Substituted - Indole - 3 - Aldehydes

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On The Features Of Mountain Power Transmission Line Routes

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On Acoustic Features Of Domed Churches

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